The most terrible secrets of the century

Unknown draws.Historians, treasure hunters, scientists, the best cryptographers struggling with the unraveling some of the mysteries, but to no avail.Writers like Dan Brown or Umberto Eco invent the most incredible stories, but they are, unfortunately, have nothing to do with the mysteries of real life.Here is a dozen of the most exciting mysteries of the century.

1. Voynich manuscript

manuscript, whose author is still unknown, is called "the most mysterious manuscript in the world".It was created, supposedly, between the 1404th and 1438 year.The name of the Voynich he named after bookseller Polish-American Wilfrid M. Voynich, who acquired it in 1912.The manuscript is a 240-page book, written in a language unknown to anyone, filled with colored drawings depicting the incredible events and plants, not related to any of the existing types, as well as the country charts.

intrigue book adds the text, which is still nobody has been able to decipher.Naturally, the theories that claim to the truth about

the nature and origin of the manuscript, a great many.Some, for example, believe that this pharmacopoeia, which brought together all the knowledge of medieval medicine, the other is called a manuscript textbook for alchemists, well and the third and did ascribe extraterrestrial origin.

2. Kriptos

front of the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency in the US Langley in Virginia, is a kind of sculpture, very strange, all painted with some signs.What is this font, knows only one person - the artist Jim Sanborn, because even omnipresent and omniscient CIA could not decipher the mysterious code.More precisely, it is unraveled, but only three of the four ciphers.Open the fourth code is not possible until now.In 2006, the sculptor took pity on all, and told the world that the first encryption provides tips for fourth and that some of the characters there is the word "Berlin".And that's all for today.

3. Cipher Bale

Cipher Bale scientists call a set of three ciphers, which presumably indicates the location of one of the greatest in American history treasures.They say there are gold, silver, precious stones, but, more importantly, it has been found.It happened in 1818 during the excavation of gold in Colorado (Bedford Hills County), a mysterious man named Thomas Jefferson Bale.

Of the three ciphers only one was solved, and the key to its unraveling was the American Declaration of Independence, which is surprising, since Bale's name coincides with the name of the author of the Declaration of the creator.Decoded text pointed to the location of the treasure, but inaccurate.Accurate, apparently hidden in some of the other ciphers.

4. Phaistos disk

In 1908 the Italian archaeologist Luigi Perna carried out excavations in the ruins of the Minoan Palace of Phaestos.There he found the round disc made of fired clay coated with his characters.Scientists theorize that it made approximately in the II.BC, at a time when similar characters used in ancient Crete.At the same time deciphering the disc has not yet succumbed and is considered among the most famous archaeological finds.

5. Encryption of Shaboro

a strange sequence of letters DOUOSVAVVM tried to decipher and Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin, and other known and unknown minds over the past 250 years, but there is no one managed to do.See the mysterious code can be shepherds to the Monument of the eighteenth century.Staffordshire in the UK, which seemed to be copied from a famous painting by Nicolas Poussin's "Arcadian Shepherds".Some scientists believe that the code may be a clue left by the Knights Templar, which indicates the location of the Holy Grail.

6. Case Tamam shud

main actor of the case is unknown, was found dead in 1948 on Somerton Beach in Adelaide, Australia.In a secret pocket of trousers of the man was found a tiny piece of paper with the words "Tamam shud", which means "complete", and is used on the last page of poems meeting "Rubaiyat" of Omar Khayyam.Researchers believe that it was the dead man's suicide note.But they are even more confused when they found a copy of the "Rubaiyat", which contained a strange cipher invented, presumably, this very man.

7. Wow!Signal

One summer day in 1977 a Eman Jerry, a volunteer working in the SETI program (the one that looks for signals of extraterrestrial intelligence), may have received a message from extraterrestrials.It was an ordinary day, Eman scan the radio waves from outer space in hopes to establish communication with alien residents, when he noticed a jump in their dimensions.The signal lasted 72 seconds, was loud and, according to Emam, was transferred there, where no one had never been - in the constellation Sagittarius.Namely - from the point next to the star called Tau Sagittarius at a distance of 120 light years from Earth.However, attempts to pick up the signal again failed, what caused cosmologists doubt the veracity of what is happening.

8. Letters Zodiac

represents four encrypted emails, which, as the researchers suggest, written by a serial killer nicknamed the Zodiac.He committed his murders in the 60s - 70s.the last century in San Francisco.The investigators suggest that he wrote them specifically to tease the media, the public and, of course, the police.To date, only one of the deciphered letters maniac, but several films shot.But the maniac was never caught, although the murders stopped in 1970.

9. Rongo Rongo-

is the name of a specific system of signs printed on a variety of artifacts that have been found on Easter Island.Historians believe that this is one of the writing systems, but they are no one could decipher.Maybe if that happens, we get a clue about the fate of some disappeared from the face of the earth civilization.

10. Guiding stones Georgia

this granite monument, built in 1979 in a place called Elbert County, in the state of Georgia, is known as "America's Stonehenge".Stones set based on astronomy contain engraving take languages ​​- English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian, and each contains ten "new" commandments of the "era of the mind."And the first of them is considered to be the most controversial."Keep the number of mankind below 500 million in the eternal balance with nature," - said in it.Researchers believe conspiracy theories that established these commandments were "a secret society of Lucifer", calling for a new world order.By the way, the origin of the stones could not be established until now.