The most unusual street

Steepest Street

Baldwin Street, the street in the New Zealand city of Dunedin has a slope of 35 degrees.The trouble is that this street designed in the English classrooms, and designers have never been to New Zealand.Street just drew on the map, it is not imagining the conditions of the area.

strange name

Sazonov Peter Street in Voronezh known fact that is not the name of a specific person, and received the name of the junction of two streets.Up to 70-ies of the last century in this place cross the street, named in memory of revolutionary Peter Alekseeva and Yegor Sazonov.Then the area was built up and traveler site was named the fictional Peter Sazonov.

The shortest street

The shortest street in the world is located in the Scottish town of Wick.The length of the street, which is called the Ebenezer-Place is only 2 meters and 6 centimeters.It is the end part of the building of the hotel "Makkeyz".The building was built in 1883 in the form of a trapezoid, and on the short side is the entrance

to the "Bistro number 1".In 2006, the street was included in the "Guinness Book of Records, and has since been a landmark of the town of Wick.

longest street

But the longest street in the world can boast of the Canadian city of Toronto.However, in the streets of Toronto Yonge Street only it originates.From the city center, it stretches along the waterfront of Lake Ontario, then go north to Lake Simcoe and reaches the town of Cochrane, then turns west and extends to the border with the United States, resulting in the suburbs of Minnesota.The total length of this unusual street 1896 kilometers.

Nonexistent street

in Saint - Petersburg has a non-existent Balkan Street.She appeared on the maps of the city in 1968.However, the name was given, but the street itself and has not appeared.Today, on the site of the Balkan street runs regular clay track.

The narrowest street

The narrowest street in the world lies in the German town of Reutlingen.The width of the streets Spreuerhofstra├če from 31 to 43 centimeters.However, often the streets of the city government is usually called the passages between houses.And this is done in order to attract tourists.

most curve street in the world

Lombard Street in San Francisco is best known for his one-way section on Russian Hill.Here, the street turns into eight sharp hairpin bends, which the locals called the roller coaster ride.Because of this street it received the status of the most tortuous in the world.

unusual street names

But the most unusual street names, you can create a directory.For example, in the United States: Unexpected Road (Buen, NJ), Crazy Way (Traverse, Michigan), Road potato peelings (Lebanon, TN).

However, our country does not lag behind the Americans.Take, for our capital: Cheerful, air, Lenivka, Playing, Gold, Lane Last.

Khabarovsk is a street of Remembrance, in the village of Ivanovka Primorsky Krai - street Vperyod.In Stavropol 45 Parallel Street reflects its current position in latitude.Thus, Stavropol, this street is at an equal distance from the equator and the North Pole.