Do you have a strong character?

Of course, everyone thinks to himself that he is - a strong personality with a real and strong character.But what, really?To find out, answer the proposed test questions - what would you do in a given situation, and see the result.

Questions test

1. The birthday you got a gift in a vase for flowers.It you do not like.You:

- on occasion peredaril - 2
- give the donor understand that he could select and better - 6
- will remove from sight - 10

2. Postman mistakenly dropped a postcard in your mailbox with the address of a neighbor.You:

- will give the recipient after reading - 6
- immediately immerse the neighbor box - 10
- as an unnecessary throw - 2

3. You are offered uninteresting, but a well-paid job.Will you accept the offer?

- not, you think that this is not the best option - 10
- agree, but believe that they could expect more - 2
- agree, do not hesitate - 6

4. The company told the casewhich you already know.

- listen carefully - 10
- make an ironic comment that is no

thing new - 6
- interrupting other traffic narrator and start telling yourself - 2

5. Incidentally, you found a way to talk on the phone booth for free.You:

- inform the telephone exchange - 10
- keep it a secret - 2
- tell a close friend - 6

6. The park boys torturing a bird with a broken wing.You:

- banish the boys - 6
- Try to help a bird - 10
- not paying attention, continue the path - 2

test results:

50 or more points: you are extremely tolerant.They say you have an open heart.You can make friends with everyone.However, sometimes you do not have enough of principle.Do you understand, but can not find enough strength to be critical of others and to themselves.

30-49 points: you are convinced that you have a maximum of virtues and exert a lot of effort to convince and his friends.

18-29 points: your behavior varies depending on the environment in which you are.Sometimes you are careful, sometimes petty and suspicious.

17 or less points: about you say you are a pedant, and selfish.You are unscrupulous, suspicious people.And yet, if you are aware of the shortcomings of their own, do not despair: you can still fix them.