It is time to your marriage ?

you have received an offer to get married, but do not believe in yourself and just do not know how to decide?Well, your doubts will dispel or, on the contrary, reinforce this test.Answer questions, calculate your score and read the result.

Test Questions:

you pleased with the prospect that you have to spend the rest of your life with this person?

- yes - 2
- not sure - 1
- no - 0.

Whether you are able to forgive him for treason?

- yes - 1
- no - 2
- just in case and you will be the number of such peccadillo - 0.

What do you prefer to wear when going to a lover on a date?

- only that he may please - 2
- just what you like personally - 0
- the newest of his wardrobe - 1.

If you have to spend an evening surrounded by his parents:

- this is equivalent to finding before the court of the Inquisition - 0
- you kind of communication is quite pleasant and even interesting - 2
- this time, which can be regarded as simply a lost -1.

If your boyfriend promised to call, but did not d

o so:

- you are upset to tears - 1
- all day you do not allot the phone - 0
- intend to spend this time with his girlfriend - 2.

Ifoccurred in conflict with the pretender to your hand and heart to blame you:

- waiting for the first step toward reconciliation with his hand - 0
- do ask for forgiveness for their own mistakes - 2
- pass through apologize girlfriend - 1.

If during the period of your relationship you happen to meet a former lover, who invites you to a meeting:

- you meet the categorical refusal - 2
- tell him about your new hobby seriously -1
- memory of past dates pushes you to give consent - 0.

is it possible that you perceive your partner as a fallback, until you meet someone better than him:

- no, I just want this person 1
- everything is possible, everything can change in an instant- 0
- not even thought about this possibility - 2.

there many qualities attracted you to your chosen one?

- the overwhelming number of features of his character very close to me - 2
- these qualities he has many, it is difficult to identify any specific - 0
- I can not think about it as crazy about him - 1.

What is the impact on you of your senses?

- I am constantly trying to change for the better - 2
- all my thoughts are about it, they did not allow me to sleep, eat, work - 0
- I just feel like the happiest - 1.

How do you feel aboutto other people?

- universe revolves only around my beloved, everything else, and all the rest to me do not matter - 0
- it takes in my life is one of the main places, but I have not lost interest in and to the people around me - 2
-never thought about it - 1.

What is the basis of your relationship?

- a desire to marry a decent, loving and gentle man, not to be left alone - 0
- all my desires are intended to bring joy to his handpicked successor - 2
- I can not give an exact answer - 1.

test results:

If you scored 6 points LESS , then your feelings more than passion can not be named, so you should not deceive either himself or his.

If you have received a total of from 7 to 18 points , then most likely, you are in love, but to assert it with absolute assurance still not worth it.

But if the amount of points is OVER 19 POINTS , we can talk about what your feelings are sincere.

In that case, if your partner pick the same number of points by passing this test, then you can only congratulate, because your love is mutual!