Facts about the differences between male and female brains

Scientists believe that 20% of men have a female brain, and 10% of women - male, of course, with lots of individual differences.For example, women can hear better than twice (2.3 times) than men.Women hear a man screaming (and think that he is angry), while men have a feeling that he speak in a confidential manner, even with a certain shade of participation.

Woman hears the speaker using the two hemispheres (left and right), while the man - preferably with the help of the left hemisphere, involving verbal, logical thinking and, therefore, critical.The women - closer links between the two hemispheres of the brain that allows us to solve several problems at once, and it seems to them a man emotive, subjective conscious through their desire and anxiety, missed through the ethical and social values.They hear what the man says, but more feel as he does, feeling the tone of the male voice, the rhythm of his breathing, his alleged feelings.

left brain is more developed in women, and the right (the so-called

emotional) - men.This contradicts the fact that ordinary people think (and sometimes even therapists).So, a woman is more involved in verbal communication and participation, while men are more prepared for action and competition.

Already in kindergarten girls talking in 4 times more than boys.The boys are noisy and fight 10 times more often than girls (an average of 5 minutes versus 30 seconds).The 9-year-old girls outperform boys in development for 18 months.Adult women spend an average of 20 minutes per call, the men - and only 6 minutes to transfer the necessary or urgent information.Women need to share their thoughts, feelings, emotions, while the man restrains and controls emotions, trying to find a solution.

husband interrupts his wife to propose a solution, and the wife of a feeling that he did not listen.In fact, men are more emotional than women, but they are less express their emotions, and this should not be neglected in conjugal life.For women, more important time for this is in the left hemisphere.A man is more important than space, and here plays an important role the right hemisphere.The advantage of the men in the tests in the spatial volume action - is enormous, since childhood.

woman finds a way to specific markers, surpassing man in remembering or identifying specific objects.Man operates on abstract concepts - he is able to improvise, "a shortcut to get to their car or hotel."

is believed that women are more sensitive, but not emotional.She has a very well developed hearing, why are important to her gentle words, tone of voice, music, and so the more developed she tactile sensitivity -.. On the skin of a woman is 10 times more than that of men, receptors that are sensitive totouch.In addition, oxytocin and prolactin (hormones of attachment and affection) increase her need to touch and caress.

As for vision, for men it is more developed and more eroticized - hence their interest and excitement caused by the clothes, make-up, jewelery, nakedness, pornographic magazines.However, women are better developed visual memory (on the face, the order of items location, the shape of objects, and so on. D.).

fundamental differences between men and women to explain by natural selection over a million years of evolution of the human species.Man adapted to hunting on large areas and distances (and also to struggle and war between tribes).Usually he had to keep silent prey persecution, sometimes for several days, and then find their way back to his cave (orientation).In ancient times, the verbal exchange was very small, it is estimated that the prehistoric man in my life met no more than 150 people.During the same period of time a woman's brain has adapted to fulfill its primary purpose - education of children, which required verbal communication.Accordingly, the biologically programmed to compete with a man, a woman - to cooperate.

These differences are laid during the very first weeks of intrauterine life, and they have very little influence in the further education and culture.Today believe that our personality is determined and defined by a third by heredity, by a third - of intrauterine life.Personality is defined by a third and acquired knowledge on that affect the cultural environment, level of education, training, occasional circumstances.

When the ball is on the ground, the boys beat him on foot, and the girls take in hand and pressed to his chest.This occurs spontaneously and is directly related to hormones.