How many children had Lieutenant Schmidt

Children Lieutenant ShmidtaShura Balaganov and Michael Samuelevich Panikovski, the heroes of the novel by Ilf and Petrov "Golden Calf", earned a living by posing as children of Lieutenant Schmidt.However, they were not the only children of the head of the uprising on the cruiser "Ochakov".Balaganov told Bender that convention in the spring of 1928 in a Moscow restaurant next to the Sukharev Tower was signed by thirty sons and four daughters hero.There were so many that had to divide the country into portions.

And how many actually had children at Pyotr Schmidt, and why the relationship with him possible to earn a livelihood?A children

Schmidt was a bit - only one son, Eugene.In 1888, Ensign Schmidt married a representative of the oldest profession Dominica, surprising all the relatives and friends on the service.The following year, the wife gave birth to a son, the young officer, who was the only child in the family.Where did dozens of "heirs" Schmidt?

In 1905, during the uprising on "Ochakovo", 1

6-year-old Eugene made his way to his father's cruiser.When did the shelling of the rebel ship, father and son were able to swim to get to the destroyer, joined the rebels.There they were arrested during a search.

tsarist justice show humanity in relation to Eugene, he was released from custody by a youth of years.And Schmidt Sr. was shot March 6, 1906 on the island of Berezan.

But their share of the glory of Eugene Schmidt still received.In revolutionary newspapers often mention "son of Lieutenant Schmidt," more often than not mentioning his name and age.That came after October 1917 numerous tricksters posing as the very "son."And in 1925, when the celebrated the 20th anniversary of the uprising Ochakovo, the country is literally flooded with "close relatives" Lieutenant.

Misty information about that Lieutenant Schmidt had a son, albeit indirectly, but still involved in the events on the legendary cruiser, allowed to feed more than one top ten scams.

Gradually, the revolutionary enthusiasm of the masses began to subside, to the same for a similar "synozameschenie" could get their just deserts at very unpleasant political article.That had to "children" to look for other employment.

And how there was the further life of this son of Lieutenant Schmidt?February Revolution Petrograd cadet training school of ensigns of the engineer troops Eugene Schmidt also received with enthusiasm.

He asks permission to be called the Provisional Government is not just Schmidt and Schmidt-Ochakovo.The interim government authorizes.That was in May.And in November 1917, after the October revolution, Schmidt-Ochakovo quickly became disillusioned with the new government.During the Civil War he served in the White Army, and then left the country.

Soviet government has repeatedly offered to return the son of the famous revolutionary, but he always refuses.Eugene P. Schmidt in 1951 in Paris, spending the last days of his life in abject poverty.