"General or private? "

you dream of a career?It's wonderful!Even Suvorov said: "He is a bad soldier who does not dream of becoming a general."To paraphrase, it can be said with regard to civilians is something like: "It is bad manager who does not want to become a director."But if you have leadership skills?To find out, answer the test questions and see the result.

Test Questions:

• Since childhood, the need to obey was a problem for me.

• There will be no progress without the need of people to rule over others.

• A real man knows how to subordinate their will women.

• Irritating when close watch over.

• Humility lies in the nature of every woman.

• Take all the I have to because of the constant concerns for the welfare of families.

• Problems arise because of the lack of a leader with an "iron hand."

• In situations requiring a rapid decision, I do not usually have a lot of time to do the right thing.

• I like and I can lead others.

• I am not able and not willing to open up to the end in front of anyone.

• It's nice to think about a "safe harbor."

• Submission must be able to carry out any orders of the chief.

• I do not like to ask for something even close.

• Most of me waiting for an explanation, but everything is clear.

• My character is similar to the character of the father (mother), which (th) has been (a) support the family.

test results:

For each "yes" - 10 points for the answer "do not know" - 5 points for the answer "no" - 0 points.

0-49 points You can swallow a reproach, even if it is not necessary to sacrifice everything, even though no one calls.But, if you feel cornered because of their own powerlessness, it is still capable of decisive action.Look for other missing your character traits.

50-99 points Harmony and determination, wisdom and calculation, the ability to give wise advice - your advantages.When needed - to lead, if you want to - give in, regardless of others' opinions and desires.But you know, do you always do the trick worthy means.

100-150 points you great dictator, and their behavior is easy to find an excuse.You know how to persuade and to lead others to get the job done on time.Just do not forget to give a subordinate though sometimes the opportunity to catch your breath.