Can you sleep well ?

third of our lives we spend in a dream.It is a dream - the source of our vitality, good mood and well-being.While insomnia - the cause of many serious illnesses.Find out if you sleep well or maybe it's time you seek help from a sleep - a sleep specialist?

Questions test

1. Do you stick to the rules - do not eat after 18 hours?

a) Never - I will gorge on before going to bed,
b) Rarely.
in) I try, but do not always have enough willpower.

2. You have taken care of the sound insulation of your bedroom?

a) I do not like that came to mind.
b) It is hardly possible to mnogo¬etazhnom house.
c) Of course!We take care of the walls and ceiling.

3. In your bedroom has a TV?

a) Without it anywhere!
b) It is necessary, but it is included only in the evening.
c) No.

4. Under what sounds you all fall asleep faster?

a) Under the TV noise.
b) Under the snoring husband.
c) In silence.

5. What methods of relaxation before going to sleep do you use?

a) Intimate dinner.
b) quiet music.
c) relaxing massage.

6. What colors decorated the interior of your bedroom?

a) striking.
b) pastel, but the room has bright décor.
c) All colors are muted and very bright.

7. You ventilate the room in which sleep?

a) only in the warmer seasons.
b) required, but only at bedtime.
in) windows open during the day.

8. Do you like flowers and houseplants in the bedroom?

a) I like bouquets in vases.
b) stand on the windowsill pots.
c) no plants!

9. How do you feel this morning?

a) As if he had not slept.
b) Once upon a time is not necessary.
c) As a rule, with a clear head and a good mood.

10. How much time you need to sleep?

a) At least half an hour.
b) 5-10 minutes.
c) 2-5 minutes.

test results


Dream - for you not the doctor, but a real meal.Your body is exhausted from chronic fatigue, but for some reason you still do not attach much importance to this fact.And in vain!Remember that good sleep prolongs our lives for 5 years, and you are advised to immediately see a specialist, stop using sleeping pills and take daily exercise.

DOMINATE answer is b)

You - active person all day on your feet, and you can be called a workaholic.But a heavy schedule of withstanding long you can not - and the body has already given you the first alarms: you can not get to sleep until until it can plan the next day or not analyze the past.And your dreams often turn into nightmares.Tip: Take a break from the routine of the evening at least, less watch television and read newspapers, and give preference to a light dinner and evening family walks.


you - lucky.Such as you say they sleep like a baby - a deep, smooth and strong.And this is one of the main reasons for your iron shutter speed and skill with humor to look at most of life's problems.Do not change your way of life, but only refine it, say, meditation and yoga lessons.