Can you trust your intuition ?

Probably everyone has intuition, except that some rely on it when choosing a solution, while others prefer to rely exclusively on facts.If you want to know how you developed intuition, and whether you can trust her, answer questions about the proposed test and see the result. Test Questions:

1. Someone I love suffered a meeting with you, it seem to justify cheating.How do you feel?

a) False issued gestures, frequent gestures, touching the nose, hand, mouth, and so on. N. (2)
b) Feel the heart (3)
c) The story is inconsistent and confused (1)

2. Has ityou for a few seconds to realize that the phone is about to ring, or to know in advance who is calling you, even without taking the phone in the hand?

a) Yes, I almost always know who is calling me without even looking at the phone (3)
b) No, I never guess the caller (1)
c) Sometimes I can anticipate that the phone rings, butknow in advance - who, I do not (2)

3. Sometimes it happen that you are not aware of it the report continued phrase

for someone else?

a) Yes, I always manage to guess what he wants to tell the other (3)
b) Sometimes I correctly guess the end of the sentence (2)
c) No, I did not interrupt the speaker, yet he did not finish his thought (1)

4. you went out on a date.A friend asked to describe the man.How do you do?

a) tell you what he said, doing nothing is not coming up (2)
b) will describe his appearance: the color of eyes and hair growth (1)
c) I, first of all, tell what seemed to me his character, focusing on their feelings (3)

5. you have been asked to explain any unfamiliar concept.How do you do?

a) I will not explain, just show in the dictionary (1)
b) explain all the details, as I understand it (2)
in) I will ask leading questions so that the person he guessed the meaning of the word (3)

6. Imagine that you went to a new job.How to determine who in the collective informal leader?

a) The leader will sit on the convenient location (3)
b) Usually the leader all listen and do not interrupt (2)
c) The leader always behaves uninhibited (1)

7. Do you often frightened whensomeone suddenly comes to you from behind?

a) Yes, I am easily frightened in this way (1)
b) I often feel back, someone came in and immediately turn around (3)
c) Sometimes, but rarely.If I am keen, then not notice entered (2)

8. Whether there is in your life so that you are advised to close all do one way, and you are doing in their own way and find yourself right?

a) Yes, I always make decisions based on their feelings (3)
b) I listen to the advice of relatives (2)
c) One day, taking such a decision, I'm seriously mistaken, and now I try to listen to advice (1)

9. In the room you are "lost" keys or mobile phone.How fast can you find it?

a) rapidly, sometimes in unexpected places (3)
b) No, I never lose the right things, because I can always tell where they are (1)
c) I am looking for a long time, even if you are in a prominent position (2)

10. Keenly Do you sleep?

a) I am very light sleeper and I can wake up from any rustle (2)
b) In general, I was fast asleep, but sometimes I wake up even from the weak sound (3)
c) I have a very deep sleep, so I was hardwake (1)

test results:

scored between 21 to 30 points

Note that intuition - your subconscious mind, which picks up many things before the mind.You have good intuition and usually does not analyze the situation, but simply "know" how to do, and it is substantial support for you in your life.However, only you can not rely on intuition, it might be wrong: you feel one, but suddenly changed the situation, and your intuition did not have time for it, and you made a mistake.Therefore it is useful long plans, periodically ask the subconscious exciting questions, write, that's what ultimately led.And you will see how accurate your feelings.

scored between 11 to 20 points

you are a person with good intuitive skills, but do not believe in them because every situation trying to make sense from the standpoint of logic and cold facts.And even if intuition is simply "yelling" in the ears, you make a mistake, you try not to hear her.For example, you believe that you loved has changed, even if the heart will say otherwise.To manifest your intuition fully, you need to ignore the stream of thoughts, cut off logic, focusing only on internal sensations.Intuitive responses can be obtained, without asking questions and saying something.That is, instead of a question: "Do I do it" better to say the statement: "I have to do it."Any statement that does not match the true intuitive knowledge, will give a vivid sense of internal resistance and negativity, which, respectively, just point to its falsity.

Scored 10 points

Your intuition is, for some reason, "asleep."In a difficult situation, you have to rely on the facts or the opinions of others, which increases the risk of errors.However, you can get the intuitive responses from the external environment.To do this, ask a question and the "release" him - the answer will come himself, and you will certainly recognize it (called a friend with the necessary information, will fall from a magazine article - a variety of signs).But in parallel you need to try to develop intuition, learn to tune to herself.The closer we are to the sensations, the faster come a condition in which to ask questions is not required - the answers will come themselves.