How to tell if " Red Riding Hood " ...


At the edge of the old, dark, entwined in a mysterious veil-rigid timber, which were worn over the ominous dark clouds of vapor and if heard the fatal sound of shackles, in the mystical horror lived Red Riding Hood.

Guy de Maupassant

wolf met her.He looked at it that special look that experienced Parisian libertine throws at provincial coquette, which is still trying to pass himself off as innocent.But he believes in her innocence of not more than her and if already sees as she undresses, as her skirt fell one after the other and it is only in a shirt, under which outlines sweet shape of her body.

Ernest Hemingway

mother came, she put her bag on the table.The purse was milk, white bread and eggs.

- Here, - said the mother.

- What - asked her Little Red Riding Hood.

- That's it - the mother said, - Take it to his grandmother.

- Okay - said Little Red Riding Hood.

- And look at both - the mother said, - Wolf.

- Yes.

mother watched as her daughter, whom everyone called Little Red Riding

Hood because she always wore a red cap, went out and looking at leaving his daughter, his mother thought it very dangerous to let her alone in the forest;and, moreover, it is thought that the wolf again began to appear there;and, on reflection, she felt that he begins to worry.

Victor Hugo

Red Riding Hood trembled.She was alone.She was alone, like a needle in the desert, like a grain of sand among the stars, like a gladiator among venomous snakes as somnabula in the oven.

Jack London

But she was worthy daughter of her race in her veins flowed the blood of strong white explorers of the North.Therefore, and without batting an eye, she threw herself at the wolf, dealt him a crushing blow and immediately reinforced it one classic uppercut.Wolf ran in fear.She looked after him, smiling his charming female smile.

Jaroslav Hasek

- Oh, and what have I done?- Wolf muttered.- In a word I managed it.

Honore de Balzac

Wolf reached grandmother's house and knocked on the door.This door was made in the mid-17th century by an unknown master.He cut her out of fashion at the time Canadian oak, giving it the classical form and hung it on the iron hinges, which in due time may be, and have been good but is now badly rattled.On the door there were no ornaments and patterns, only in the lower right corner could be seen one scratch, which said that it has made its own spur Celestin de Shavard - a favorite of Marie Antoinette and a cousin on the maternal side of my grandmother's grandfather's Little Red Riding Hood.For the rest, the door was ordinary, and therefore you should not dwell on it in more detail.

Oscar Wilde

Wolf: - I'm sorry, you do not know my name, but ...

Grandmother: - Oh, it does not matter.In modern society, the good name enjoyed the one who has not.How may I serve?

Wolf: - You see ... I'm sorry, but I have come to you to eat.

Grandmother: - How sweet.You are very clever gentleman.

Wolf - I'm serious.

Grandmother: - It gives a special shine to your wit.

Wolf: - I am glad that you do not take seriously the fact that I have just told you.

Grandmother: - Today seriously serious things - it is a manifestation of bad taste.

Wolf - And what we have to take seriously?

Grandmother: - course to the nonsense.But you insufferable.

Wolf: - When the wolf is unbearable?

Grandmother: - When bored issues.

Wolf - A woman?

Grandmother: - When no one can put it in place.

Wolf - You are very hard on themselves.

Grandma: - I count on your discretion.

Wolf: - Can you trust.I will not say a word to anyone (eating it).

grandmother (from the belly of the Wolf): - It is a pity that you were quick.I'm just going to tell you one instructive history.

Erich Maria Remarque

- Come to me, - said Wolf.Little Red Riding Hood poured two glasses of brandy and sat on his bed.They inhaled the familiar scent of brandy.This cognac was melancholy and weariness - the longing and fatigue fading twilight.Cognac was life itself.

- Of course - she said.- We have no hope.I have no future.

Wolf silent.He agreed with her.



- Tell me who you are?

Little Red Riding Hood:

- Like who?Little Red Riding Hood.

- No, you think you're a red cap.Do you think that wearing a red hat, you became red.Hood, incidentally, also thinks that it is red.

- Well, how can thinking cap?And what is it, if not red?

- And you put on his cap on his head.There is.What color is it?

- Red.

- Exactly?

- Yes.

- Did you see it?

- No.

- And why did you say that it is red?

- I ... Ah!Understood.I think that it is red!And once I have it on her head, she thinks so too!

... older woman woke up and saw through the veil of a group of people in lab coats.

- But see, an interesting case, the woman said that she grandmother Little Red Riding Hood ...