Humor from the computer

* * *

- Love-programmers girls ...

- What quarreled again?

- Well, who want more scandal because of the choice of Antivir on a computer?

* * *

- With a hangover is better not to work ...

- ?? - girl-accountant asked to change the layout switching with alt + shift to ctrl + shift

- I dug a screwdriver alt and ctrl and changedtheir places

* * *

... and they say that the therapist - a 1024 gigapevta ...

* * *

it: Write a prescription, but not right away, so I had time to do

He: As you say.In a deep dish put layers of products: fried carrots and onions ...

She: So ... more

He ... fish ...

She: Yeah

He ... onions ...

She: yeah

He ... peas ...

She: Then

He ... eggs ...

She: So, sir, on

He: lubricating ...each layer of mayonnaise.

She: Well, who are you then ?!

* * *

Oh!I went to the store and find something that I can help!Shower Gel "Duru Soothing»

* * *

- Now you let the puzzle

- Please: Manipulator precise positioning coordinates of the pointer

field to interact with the graphical user interface systems with feedback in real time

- ???

- Mouse is!

* * *

I just asked a question: "What is the sign next to the" Save "button" I have long tried to understand what they want from me.Finally realized: that's grown up a generation of people, never had seen a 3.5 "floppy ... When he tried to explain, came across a wall of incomprehension," why would anyone 1.4 megabytes, the size of a PDA, if there is a flash of a fingernail on4GB on ?! "How terrible to live ... I think, to talk about punch cards or not to

* * *

She: And you do not want to say that I'm better than a toy computer ???


: what

* * *

- I saw yesterday the game ... There's, like, the world some ... and it can go and the people bazaar

- that you're from?house came

* * *

She: What is different from a normal person blonde

It: Write "diffusion metallization" 3 times ...

she: diffusion metallization diffusion metallization diffusion metallization

He: Here youhow do I republished all the words or stupidly pressed ctrl + c / ctrl + v?

She: Well, of course ... printed

He: Well ... that's basically ...

* * *

We have to lift someone attributed to the «F» key numbers.Really dumb it was to go to his eighth floor.

* * *

She: And you have a highlight?

He: Oh, me plenty of highlights.I'm pretty cupcake.

* * *

She: Tell me, honestly, yes or no, right?He

: Ask!

She: Why do men laughing blonde?

He: Yes!