Humor from the computer

* * *

- Yes, so hot that thinks bad ...

- And how many are now in Moscow?

- 15:45

* * *

Within 30 minutes after the order is placed, our senior manager Leo will contact you to agree the time and place of delivery and payment terms.P. S. Please do not laugh at a time when it dictates to you your email: Lion Dog ... and do not call us the zoo.

* * *

Checklists: «What should I do if the mouse has finally arrived reached TERRITORY kovpika and kypsop not yet reached TERRITORY ek.pana?".

Possible answers:

- becoming silent to Use mouse

- vybposit so small kovpik

- kypit new ek.pana

- ostopozhno ppidepzhivaya thumb kypsop mouse, move monitop

- ppognat driver is a mouse under a debugger

- Vindovs = sax!!!!!!! Billy nopmalnyyu even a mouse can do.Linux forever!

- zapystit antivipys!

- da y you pposto pyki Combustion!

- paz how you can set the same the Problems ?!Is offered to make it to the FAQ

- [Warning!] Read the rules!- Ppo mice - in dpygoy confer!

* * *

- And you do not feel the beauty of the world?

- Honestly, I'm feeling just the absence of http.

- Do not look back, look around!

- And as I look, if http is not working?

* * *

I was given a package.Said - wireless mouse.Opened - and there is a plush Mickey Mouse.

* * *

- You have a cat of any color?

- Grey was.

- All gray?or spots?

- And wrong and wrong.

- Gradient?

- Exactly !!!

* * *

- For some reason when I call a plumber, he laughs at the fact that I do not understand toilets.And the admin is always making fun?

- But you do not write in summary: possession of a toilet at the level of the advanced user!

* * *

- He left yesterday laptop on the floor, half out of the bed sticking.Tёscha thought scales - became check your weight.

- Well?

- short, $ 1,500 weighs snake!

* * *

grandmother I constantly leave the door is not informative notes of the type: "Food in the fridge" ... So I have them no longer read.But yesterday found a note from his father and long whinnying ... It began with the words: ".. Do not remove this message This is not a spam message read to the end ..."

* * *

- I of legitimate software!

- Really?A Windows purchased from you?

- No, but I am ashamed

* * *

- leave for the country.Two weeks without the Internet, the player and the computer.On the fourth day, there were voices in his head.

- Glitches ??

- worse - the thought!

* * *

- Hi, what you are doing?

- Earth, plants ...

- Today Wednesday Well!

- Well, you have administrators, and self-esteem !!

* * *

It's time for vacation ... Yesterday had a dream that a salary of 512 rubles give papers.

* * *

- You did not watch TV in the evening?

- No.

- There was a movie about the ancient Rome.And one says to another patrician: "Tomorrow I'll see you on the forum."I shuddered as much ...

* * *

human invention generate more and more questions ... For example, no one asked before the advent of Photoshop: "And in life you are the same as in the photo?»

* * *

Invented sure way to maintain the machine in Sleepless state.In windsurfing, whatever disables screensavers, power management, etc.If the mouse does not move or Claudia, after a while the screen goes blank and the machine a little sleep ... PlayOnline client, download files, and the dies, saying that the connection is lost (in fact, it is necessary shield - alt-tab when it is the samesays), and you need to log in again.So .... leaving to sleep, hung the mouse by the tail in front of the fan .... let optical sensor turns said.

* * *

- Do not you have problems with cognitive object the expression of their own inner psychological state ???

- What ???

- Avatar, I say, why are constantly changing?

* * *

- Tell me please, and where the files are moved when they are deleted from the flash drive?

- Files will not move.The system marks them as non-existent, and they are invisible.They want to be noticed, read, launched, but you can not see them, you're stupid you look at the screen at an empty directory, and can not see these files, even though they are actually there.And then ... Then, when the system needs a place to burn other files, it begins to slowly bite off part of the files that have been deleted.It can last for a very long time.Deleting files hurt, they want to scream, moan, scream, but could not.Now you know the truth.Take the humanity - do not delete anything!