Trials on animals

And learned that in the Middle Ages, the trials of animals were common?Yes Themis was so impartial that the punishment for a crime, even our smaller brethren.Discrimination based on race, mind-squad was missing completely.Before the court were all equal ...

For example, in 1120 in France, according to the court verdict, they were put to the curse of field mice that destroy the grain.

Residents of a small Swiss town in the XIV century Kura suing a complaint against the white worms.However, there was a problem: the worms at the court hearing did not come.It was decided to carry out the process without their participation.

Court took into account the fact that worms are living creatures, and it would be inhumane to deprive them of their livelihood.It was therefore decided to allocate land worms in the deep forest, where they could live, without harming anyone.

There, in Switzerland, in 1545 passed the trial of beetles.The document was drawn up, confirming the right of beetles live on a dedicated sit

e.Local residents are strictly forbidden to harm the insects in their place of residence.

in 1313 in France, a bull caused severe injury to a person.The local court did not leave such a serious crime without attention.Having carefully studied the facts of the case, the court ruled: sentenced beast to death.Horned criminal was hanged.

French lawyer Bartolmi-chanson was known as a defender of rats and mice.In 1480, he stated that his clients could not come to the meeting, as live in the vast area and did not know about the court call.In addition, you can not blame all the mice immediately, but need to prove the guilt of each of them.After a fiery speech, the case was dismissed.

In 1540, in the Spanish city Chemarane the trial of moth, who was accused in the fact that spoiled very valuable tapestry.The insect was found guilty and sentenced to beheading.In addition, it was announced that mole forever banished from the country.

In 1545 in the French town of Saint-Jean-de-Mollien court accused locust damage in vineyards.The meeting was attended by two lawyers, one of whom spoke on behalf of residents of the city, and the second defending insects.The verdict did not have time to make, as the locusts disappeared.The court's decision was postponed until the new appearance of pests.

Trials animals were in the XX century.In 1963, in Tripoli sentenced to death 75 pigeons.The smugglers used them to transport the currency across the border.The court decided that the bird is "too dangerous and well-trained."

are cases when the judge not only the animals but also plants.For example, during the reign of King Henry IV of France, before the Court melon.She was accused in the fact that it caused pain in the abdomen so high a person.