Jokes from the computer

* * *

Well, how much can you explain that a password hacking, forgery and knowledge of accounting are not included in the sysadmin duties!

* * *

If chicks name - "chick, chick, chick," and ducklings - "utya, utya, utya", the penguins have to call up - "ping, ping, ping."

* * *

And remember the lean years?Internet cards ...

* * *

about how well the worker is working, knows better than anyone sysadmin.

* * *

Create more intuitive interface, and the world will create even more blunt user.

* * *

talk to two programmers:

- And I have a microwave oven does not turn ...

- What say?

* * *

- What is "respect for private life"?

- This is when, sitting in the online club for the computer, you find that the previous user forgot to close his box - and you do not read, erase it all mail ...

* * *

User:I have not run the numbers on the keyboard help.

Admin: Click numLock.

User: I have hit ten times.

Admin: And it should be an odd number of times!

* * *

- Honey, where have you been?

- Nuuuuuu ...

- browser cache strangely clean and firewall logs unclear empty!

* * *

Some people vacation is different from the work only because they are sitting on another computer.

* * *

One Theraflu is 1024 Gigaflyu or dofigischscha Megaflyuev

* * *


- Press asterisk.


- star - is such a hairy point?

* * *

Most Russians believe that if you drive a cursor on a circle, the computer will boot faster with Windows.

* * *

I to Microsoft to only one question, but global, "you are there in the game of solitaire card hang out, finally, before the surrender ??ยป

* * *

Computer Odnostishiya

How do you take this online?

Close the window!No, do not click the mouse ...

Here are just so, with the threshold set Windows ?!

What, Billy, got involved now ?!Oh, it's Clinton ...

Madam, what is your protocol?

No, I'm not a hacker, just did not sleep well ...

Vind not buggy?Probably a virus!

And can you still say password ?!

Do you remember how in the ninety-fifth ...

Hikitishna not lend floppy?

Then my sidyuk kerf second speed ...

Winchesters?Beru!And where patrons?

Son, do not yank his arm, she is hurt!

Logout?No?Well, I would have said ...

And help read - not lordly busy!

F2!Hurry!Too late, we hang ...

Ha Jave?For God's sake, not with the ladies!

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