Translators laugh

* * *

And now you hear a favorite song of our district «Come together», which means "Let's go ...".

* * *

interpreter complains:

- The concept of "The Gingerbread Man" in general is not translated!My attempts to explain somehow not Russian fairy tale about a round loaf, and ride through the woods, and mocked the animals suffered a complete collapse.

* * *

If you have a friend of a foreigner who boasts that understands Russian language, ask him to translate into their native phrase "mowed oblique oblique oblique" and look for the ...

* * *

no foreign language and could not seize me.

- Then the boys said, as "taekwondo" translated ...

- And how?

- Take one door!

* * *

Cosmodrome in the Kazakh language means - "buy small-sized housing."

* * *

untranslatable play on words: "She lost consciousness, but nothing has been lost, because to lose it was nothing!»

* * *

language "explosion" for a foreigner:

-There are drinking?

- Drinking is, there is no ...

* * *

How to translate into other languages, that "very smart" - not necessarily a compliment, "very clever" - frank mockery, and "too clever" -a threat?!


In Harlem theater show Soviet cartoon "Winnie the Pooh and Piglet»:

Winnie, hanging on a balloon:

- Oh, Piglet, in my opinion, it's wrong bees, and they dowrong honey!

translator so Snuffles:

- These deceitful bastards push us left nonsense!


- Oh, Mommy !!!


- Fuck !!!

* * *

How do you explain to an alien, that the goat and the goat - are one and the same animal, but different sex, and a wasp and a donkey - two completely different?

* * *

Another nightmare foreigner: matinee - event;diary - book;vechernika - student;night light - a lamp.

* * *

Uzbek - Russian dictionary

Aksakal-Mark - pension certificate

moron-melon field - "Field of Dreams»

Baba Mazai - famous poem Nekrasov

Kirdyk Arba - a hearse

KirdykBBQ - crematorium

kolotun arba - refrigerated

Basmachi-Tenge - tax inspector

Kirdyk Batyr - Action

Batyr- fittings - Terminator

Batyr-crowfoot - Pinocchio

Shaitan-draft - conditioner

Skewer Batyr- D Artagnan

Babai khanum - Baba Yaga

Gutalin-bola - negritёnok

Ishak sailor - zebra

Kirdyk-village - cemetery

Kyzym-balik - mermaid

Shaitan-Arba - Moscow Metro them.IN AND.Lenin

Dushman-up - tёscha

helicopter-bola - Carlson

Autogen-aka - Dragon

Iron Khanum - Margaret Thatcher