Cheerful minute

* * *

for the production of copper basins covered his own production plant.

* * *

- Give me some help on the part of the family!

- Which organization?

- Yes, I'm not in the organization.I'm very interested.

* * *

Special offer for customers 65M - "Hated Room."Now call your enemies you are charged for them as international.

* * *

most beautiful girls in the resort there, when it comes to an end vacation, while at work, when it's time to retire.

* * *

- recently bought myself a dress.Well, on the nose at me.Yesterday example - presses.

- Maybe you tyutelki grown?

* * *

People are divided into two categories: one entered the room, exclaiming: "Oh, someone I see!", The other: "Here I am!"

* * *

- Watson, I have two news for you: good and bad.First bad - our house is demolished.

- How ?!

- bulldozer.In its place will rumochnaia.

- And the good?

- Good, Watson!Nice, comfortable and affordable rumochnaia.

* * *

- Holmes, how do you distinguish Russians from the Mar


- It's elementary, my dear Watson!We Martians red face to the ugliness, and the Russians - after ...

* * *

best to invest money in the purse.

* * *

Dentist leaves the office, where he stayed patient and walks nervously, fingering his chin.Nurse:
- What happened?The complex case?
- hard!The client has a lot of money, and all healthy teeth ...

* * *

Russian hackers touched something in hadron kollaydrom management system and ... winter in Russia is no more.

* * *

the street and found a home a stray cat.Home asks:

- Bro, and who feeds you?

- Yes, no, I feed itself!

- A fig to itself - you are able to open canned cat ?!

* * *

From SMS messages:

- Where are you?

- zdesya.

- zdesya great!Where are you?

* * *

Rehearsal Orchestra conductor unhappy playing drummers:

- If a musician can not play on anything, give him two sticks, and he became the drummer.

stage whisper from the orchestra:

- And if he can not cope with the drum, it has taken a wand, and he becomes the conductor.