" Call and ask - Elizabeth II at home? "

Eccentric customers - such as a headache for those who work in the service sector, as well as simply absurd and gross citizens.Network managers Travelodge hotels told about the most unusual requests and questions of their guests this year.

Beach beguiled

Some guests do not fully understand where they are.For example, a guest of the hotel in London's Covent Garden asked, where is the garden, and was very surprised to learn that it is not (English Garden -. Garden, Covent Garden - the name of the metropolitan area).A customer who chooses to transit overnight stay hotel at Gatwick Airport, said, the plane will drive directly to the hotel in the morning, or it will be taken to the ladder on the machine.

Where service?

Paying number, clients often expect from hoteliers extended package:

«I lost a friend in the city center - you can look it up?" - Guest of the hotel in Birmingham.

«A hotel team will play for my child play instead of fairy tales for the night?" - A customer of the hotel in Hastings.

«Where you instructions on how to use the taps in the bathroom?" - Guest of the hotel in Cambridge.

«You can call Windsor Castle and see if the queen at home?" - Guest of the hotel in Windsor.

«I soon on the presentation.Do you mind if I make a statement in front of the hotel staff, porepetiruyu? "- A customer of the hotel in Docklands.

Turn wind

Travelodge spokesman Shakeel Ahmed explains originals that and so it would seem obvious: "Our experts are always trying to help, but some requests we perform just can not."In particular, we are talking about the fact that due to the weather and natural phenomena.Here are a couple of problems were personnel:

«You can tell how many stars in the sky today?" - Resident in Newcastle.

«You can make the wind stopped blowing?It spoils my vacation! "- Hotel Spa Visitor Brighton.

Homegrown gourmets

gastronomical preferences, all so different, trying to please everyone, it seems, an empty case:

«How many beans in the sauce you are applying for breakfast?" - A guest at the hotel in Ipswich.

«I hope that these chips do not have potatoes?And then I do not eat carbs "- the client hotel in Edinburgh.

love my dog ​​

part with pet sad.Many people try to avoid and hotel reservations in advance are wondering whether it is possible to bring a pet with you.What, in general, is correct, but ...

«And lizards can be?I'm nowhere without her I do not go.Its length, by the way - six feet (about two meters - a comment "Lenta.ru".) "- Guest of the hotel in Lowestoft.

«I have a bald cat.Do you mind? "- Guest of the hotel in Grantheme.

«A jaguar is considered a domestic cat?" - Zoolyubitel hotel Stafford.

«Can I leave a horse and carriage in the parking lot for cars?" - A little old-fashioned guest in Blackpool.

They bullied?

rude - so manifest incompetence.But the answer to such customers?

«Do not lend me his business suit?I have an important job interview, and I forgot my home ... "- an enterprising competitor Hotel Edinburgh.

«To what hour reception works round the clock?" - Guest at the hotel Luttervorta.

«I bought a 24-hour parking ticket - how much it will last?" - Blunt client hoteliers in Bournemouth.

«Do you have rooms that need to be cleaned?I like to clean up, "- guest of the hotel in Derby.