The mouths of babes ... What kids say

* * *

husband and little son (6 years) before going to bed are busy on the bed, tickling and laughing.


- What are you yelling at night looking like morons ?!


- I'm not yelling!


- I'm not a moron!

* * *

- Aunt Rose - rushes to the guest little niece.- How good that you came.Now we will have a complete happiness.

- Why do you think that?- He asked the aunt.

- Because Dad, when I learned that you are coming to us, he said, "only it to us for a complete happiness is not enough!"

* * *

little girl with curiosity looks at a pregnant woman.

- What have you got?- Pointing to an impressive belly.

- It's my good baby.

- And you love him?

- of course, very much.

- Then why did you eat it?

* * *

In the zoo:

- Mom!Buy me an elephant!

- And what we'll feed?

- Nothing!Here it is written: "To feed the elephant is strictly forbidden!"

* * *

son in first class makes the lessons with his grandmother.Read the primer.Grandma listens to, and the son reads: "Mary

began to physician Mila cook, and Bob and Nick became thieves.".Grandmother shocked."It can not be that it was written in the primer!"The son does not give up: "Yes, Grandma, look at myself!"Grandmother reads: "Mary became a doctor, a cook Mila, and Bob and Kolya - steelworkers'.

* * *

Children 3, 4 and 5-year-old complained to his nervous system.The five-year

says that when he was born, was very nervous - is my mother's milk or not.

- And when I was in my mother's belly, thought and experienced, leave my mom or not, - the four.

- When I was a dad, too worried: to my mother or I will go to someone else's aunt?

* * *

- Dad, where elephants come from?

- You see, my daughter ...

- Just do not tell me about the stork.Stork simply not lift!

* * *

Ilya about something asks, I'm busy, so I answer:

grow up, tell a long story.

Ilya did not hesitate:

And that when I grow up, it will be shorter?

* * *


- Yes, Veronica, we probably spoiled ... you probably will have to punish you!

- How is it - you are spoiled, and I was punished?

* * *

- You will be punished!Why did you beat your sister?

- Dad, you said yourself that the winners are not judged!

* * *

- Well, son, you're no longer cry, - says mother capricious son.

- I have not stopped, I rest.

* * *

mother of eight-year son:

- wait, I'll talk about the antics of your father!

- Oh, a woman, how do you talkative ...

* * *

son got a good scolding from his mother.Gulf bitter tears, the child said:

- I see my mother, that you no longer love me ...

- You're wrong, I love you still.

- No, no, - the kid protested.- If you loved me, you would have talked to me just like when we come to visit.

* * *

We went to the village to stay with relatives.There's a cat little kittens.My Alenka (4 years), of course, decided to take patronage over them, nursed them, dragged everywhere with him.In the evening she runs into the house and concerned shouts from the threshold:

- Daddy, there's still a kitten face in jelly smeared himself!He is now going to be filthy?

husband, lazily:

- No, his mother lick.

Alenka turns to me:

- Mom, vylizhesh ?!

* * *

six year old Peter really wanted to have a dog, and finally, on New Year's Eve he was given a huge St. Bernard.Toddler in deep thought

walked around the huge dog and asked parents:

- This gave it to me or me to him?

* * *

boy in kindergarten educators looking for a manicure carefully.

- Olga, you have such long nails...

- Yes.Like?

- like.Probably, climb trees well...