Faina Ranevskaya : From the sublime to the ridiculous

Name Faina Ranevskaya remains forever not only in the cinema.Even those who do not like the theater and cinema, known and remembered a great actress on an unforgettable, precise accurate phrases that have become aphorisms real, repeats many of us.

sharp mind, an indescribable sense of humor made famous Faina is not less than its outstanding work in theater and film.But loneliness was her pain, to accept that she was trying all his life."Sputnik glory - loneliness" - philosophically noticed it.And the numerous bouquets and applause after performances saying, "How much love, and go to the pharmacy there is no one."

The proposed statements to your attention a great actress has everything sparkling humor, a bit of sadness and a lot of wisdom, the severity and immediacy, and slim exquisite taste.

• If a woman is head down - she has a lover!If a woman comes with her head held high - she has a lover!If a woman holds her head straight - she has a lover!And in general, if a woman has a head, then she has a lo


• This lady can already pick and choose to whom she impress.(About Gioconda)

• God made women beautiful, to be able to love men, and stupid, so they can love men.

• Women are certainly more intelligent.Have you ever heard of a woman who'd lost her head just because a man has nice legs?

• What do I do?I pretend to health.

• I - like an old tree at the station: nobody wants, and throw a pity.

• To the question "Are you sick, Faina?" She habitually answered: "No, I just look like that."

• I feel, but it is bad.

• If the patient really wants to live, doctors are powerless.

• Family replaces all.Therefore, before you start it, you should consider that you is more important: family or everything.

• The fourth time watching this movie and I must say to you that today, the actors played as never before.

• A real man - a man, who remembers exactly female birthday and never knows how old she is.The man who never remembers the day a woman of birth, but he knows exactly how old she is - it's her husband.

• When I die, bury me and write on the monument: "She died of disgust."

• Young man, I'm still remember the good people ... God, what I'm old!

• Optimism - a lack of information.

• Old age - a time when the candles on the birthday cake more expensive of the pie, and the other half goes to the urine tests.

• I lived with many theaters, but did not have fun.

• If a woman tells a man that he is smart, then she realizes that another such a fool she finds.

• Explaining to someone why condom white Ranevskaya said: "Because the white color fills."

• On the same evening of Ranevskaya asked, "What do you think, women tend to be more faithful - brunettes or blondes" Without hesitation, she replied: "Gray!»

• Once Ranevskaya asked: "Why do beautiful women enjoymore success than clever? "" It's obvious, because the blind men very little and silly dime a dozen. "

• Ranevskaya was in his dressing room completely naked.And smoking.Suddenly it came without knocking managing director of the Mossovet Theater.And stood dumbfounded.Faina asked quietly: "You are not shocked that I smoke?»

• «I do not drink, I do not smoke and I have never cheated on my husband also because I have never had it," - said Ranevskaya, anticipatingpossible questions of a journalist."So what - is not far behind journalist - means that you really do not have any weaknesses?" "Not really, - modest, but with dignity answered Ranevskaya.And after a short pause added: - However, I have a big ass, and I sometimes stretching the truth a little bit »

• Once Ranevskaya called garrulous friend and long time tormented her chatter!.When Faina had had enough, she said apologetically: "I'm sorry, dear, I'm talking to you from a vending machine, here waiting ...»

• Intrusive fan begged her phone number.To which she responds with astonishment in his eyes: "Honey, what are you, crazy?Well, how do I know my phone?I myself never call. "

• Ranevskaya has decided to sell a fur coat.Open the front door of the cabinet potential buyers - and suddenly flies out hefty mole.G. Faina accompanies her gaze and imposing tone - reproachfully - asks: "Well, you bastard, get drunk?»

• The holiday house for a walk friend pathetically claims:

- I love nature.Ranevskaya stops, inspects it, and says:

- And that after what she did to you?

• Ranevskaya comes to actress M mnivshey yourself irresistible beauty, and asks:

- You never said that you are like Brigitte Bardot?

- No, he never - meets M, waiting for a compliment.

Ranevskaya gives her a look and enjoy concludes:

- And rightly so, that did not speak.

• In the theater.

- Sorry, G. Faina, but you sat on my fan!

- What?That it seemed to me that the bottom blowing.

• Famous actress hysterical screaming at the meeting of the troupe:

- I know you're just waiting for my death to come and spit on my grave!

Ranevskaya in response to observed:

- I can not stand to wait in line!

• Today I killed five flies - Ranevskaya said.- The two males and three females.

- How do you define it?

- Two sitting on the beer bottle, and three - in the mirror.

• Do Ranevskaya asked if she knows the causes of divorce familiar pair.

Faina said:

- They had different tastes - she liked men, and it is - women.

• Do Ranevskaya asked:

- How do you feel, Faina?

- hurts the liver, heart, feet, head.Well, I'm not a man, but it would be and prostate sick.

• Once Ranevskaya slipped and fell on the street.Towards it was some unknown man."Pick me!- Asked Ranevskaya.- People's Artist of the road do not roll ... »