Properties and mystery stones .Pomegranate unusual stone with unique properties .

grenades In the Middle Ages believed any red stones.Pliny the Elder called carbuncle garnet - from the Latin "carbo" - coal, since the mineral was like a burning ember fire.The name "pomegranate" first appeared in 1546, and before that the name of bacteremia occurred in medieval chronicles dating from the XIII veka.V antiquity about the mysterious properties of pomegranate were legendary.He was considered a talisman inspires cheerfulness and optimism, nitrous heart.Pomegranate respected as a sacred stone, giving the power over people.

for some time believed that garnet - beautiful decoration for young girls, but in the Middle Ages, it preferred to wear mostly men, as the stone was considered an amulet, protects against injuries, and injuries.

main property of garnet - evoke strong passions and desires, which often turns against its owner.On hand man possessed with a passion grenades much shine, as if suffused with his blood.

inert, passive and lazy people do not get anything good from the grenade, be

cause it works in a tense dynamics and helps to keep the energy.A person in difficult circumstances, with the help of a grenade can act calmly and with great dedication.Wearing

to make a person a long time on the hand grenade fearless emotionally excitable, and the stone itself in such a case may become darker.

What awaits pomegranate owner?Which properties will give a stone?

His owner grenades provides the attachment of friends, averts the danger, protects against treachery.A gift in the form of ring with garnet symbolized assurances of love and friendship.Persian poet Hafiz wrote about this stone: "As a ray of sunlight ignites the grenade in my ring, so in the heart kindled my love for you."

Having in possession of an amulet from a grenade, you can avoid disaster in the long journey.It provides women with light and prosperous generations, increases energy and vitality of the body.

Oriental peoples valued pomegranate for its healing properties.When the pulmonary system diseases, in particular bronchitis, helps to cope with the disease garnet stone to be worn around the neck, set in gold.Also grenades used at high temperature, sore throat, prolonged headaches.If the body is struck by inflammatory processes, garnet should be worn in silver.

special love pomegranates people use air signs.Red garnets are useful for most women, as under their influence women become more calm and wise.Red Garnet brings happiness to people just passionate, active, with great emotional impact, which give themselves without reserve any case.Since grenades quickly fade, lose their luster and richness of color, they are often perceived as a difficult and unlucky gems.

Green pomegranates direct person and help properly allocate time and resources.Despite its close relatives, the green and red pomegranates are incompatible with each other.At the same time wearing them the person has a sense of uncontrollability body.

Pomegranate affects the thin layer of the subconscious and helps to express human emotions and feelings in words or actions.These stones can become excellent mascots for sculptors, painters, poets, musicians and fashion designers.The red stone helps to collect image, and green - make it a material form.

Constant wearing of the amulet gives the wearer a grenade constant positive emotions.However, if you need to relax and rest, you need to give up the grenade, otherwise it will excite the emotions and create tensions.

Garnet and signs of the zodiac

Pomegranate is suitable for people who are born under the sign of Virgo.Sagittarius grenades gives power over the people they need born under this sign to suit their own passions.

Pomegranate - Assistant Capricorns who are able to work with great dedication.

Red garnet is best to wear a fire sign: Sagittarius and Leo.Aries - an exception, because they are the people hot-tempered, but quickly calms down, and this stone requires persistence passion.It can be worn at all times, removing from time to time.Taurus, energetic people and for a long time preserving its potential need red garnet.

stone green shades can cause a lot of trouble, and Pisces is very favorable Lions and Sagittarius, which brings luck, protects from enemies and evil spirits.This stone creates a passion in a man and treats impotence.