Your mascot .Properties and gems secrets .

Ever since ancient times people believed in the miraculous properties of stones and their magical power, so use them not only as decoration but also as a talisman with a powerful energy force.And now, many believe in the miraculous power of the stones, their ability to influence the man on his aura and send him your strength and power.However, any effect can be positive, and vice versa, negative.Because it is so important to choose "their" stone that becomes a talisman, and will help in life.How to choose a mascot in a variety of stones?Some advise when choosing a stone guided by intuition, others - on its color and specific properties or on your zodiac sign and month of birth.

Considering many factors, members of the British Jewellers Association made recommendations, which can be guided in such a difficult choice.All of these stones possess unique magical and healing properties.

Aquamarine Aquamarine can be a talisman for those born in October.This stone keeps the wearer from hazards and unfores

een situations, develops courage.Aquamarine enlivens the mind, cures laziness, improves intellectual abilities, memory and contributes to the development of oratory.Aquamarine is useful to wear spouses, as it strengthens the love keeps understanding, cools the ardor of quarrels and passions.According to legend, its color varies depending on the mood of the owner.


This stone for those born in April.He has a special, extraordinary strength!Diamond makes man invincible, gives courage and bravery.It is believed that the person wearing the jewelry with diamonds, is able to bravely endure the difficulties of life, and can easily cope with any problems.Stone slows aging, increases life expectancy, and strengthens the immune system.Diamond - one of the charms of motherhood.He has a positive effect on the reproductive system in women and sexual potency in men, as well as rejuvenates the body.Stone keeps a clear mind, enhances abstract thinking, provides spiritual development.However, it is worth remembering that the powerful energy of the diamond can bring harm to the owner, if the spiritual qualities and human thoughts do not match the purity of a diamond.

Amethyst Those born in February, it is advised to wear an amethyst.It is also called "soul" or "blessed" stone.Constant wearing amethyst helps the soul free from grief, gives tranquility, balance and harmony.It symbolizes sincerity and peacefulness.Some consider him a stone separation, but it is not so simple amethyst disclose fraud and treachery.It helps to forget the old unhappy love and open your heart for a new one.This stone protects its owner from drunkenness, temptation and seduction.If you have latent defects wearing amethyst will not give them the opportunity to develop.

Turquoise This stone for those born in December.Turquoise in Persian - "stone of happiness."It brings good luck wearing and ensures longevity.It reconciles feuding.establishes peace in the family, in addition, a talisman called the turquoise lovers.It symbolizes eternal youth and hope and brings happiness in love.


If you were born in January, the Garnet - your mascot.This stone, arouses sensuality and passion ignites.So if you need a rest, do not wear garnet better, it will excite you too.Wearing it is recommended for people suffering from fatigue, or depression - it will return them a zest for life, will give cheerfulness and optimism.Granat takes away from the owner of the danger (especially when traveling), accidents, protects against treachery, witchcraft and the evil eye.


For those born in June, the mascot can become a pearl.It is generally considered to be exclusively female stone.Pearls symbolize innocence, purity of heart, faithful and pure love, strengthens brach¬nye bonds and prevents boredom and melancholy.Stone makes sure and fanatically devoted to his cause people - gives them the ability to think objectively and suggests ways of applying abilities.Pearls can act as a "barometer" of human health and nature.There dishonest, pearl dark evil man or even disintegrates.Darkening stone indicates health problems.


For those born in May mascot - emerald, one of the most beautiful and powerful gems.This dark green stone of great beauty is also called a talisman of happiness.Emerald protects from all sorrows, gives joy and happiness, attracts sympathy and passionate owner loyal love.In addition, emerald - a real doctor.He corrects vision, strengthens the heart and builds all body systems.

Opal Opal stone for those born in March.He absorbed the life-giving power of water so it is more suited to those born under the sign of Pisces.At the water opal he borrowed not only energy, but also the exceptional paint.There opals with black, white and bluish hues.And the color of the stone can be changed if it is bright, there will be a good event, and if it is dull, it may happen that something unpleasant.Opal helps vzaimoponi¬maniyu, strengthening of friendly and family relations.


Those born in July, will choose their mascot ruby ​​- a symbol of power, strength and flame.His element - love.Crimson Gem brings a passion lovers heart, evokes the dizzying feeling.Ruby - the leaders of the stone.He gives them the strength, courage and promises to win new and creative impulses.A quiet, modest people ruby ​​inspire confidence and help get rid of complexes.In addition, the stone gives protection from evil spell and return man lost strength.


This stone is a talisman for those born in September.Sapphire - "the mascot of the wise", and a symbol of virtue, emitting powerful energy of the cosmos.It strengthens prudence pushes man to the moral and spiritual purification.Sapphire azvivaet memory, stimulates the thirst of knowledge and is the creative inspiration.This stone protects its owner from slander and fear, protects his travels and business trips.But only the strong sapphire helps individuals or altruists, egoists benefit stone brings.

Topaz Topaz, mascot born in November, known as a stone- "heavyweight" - because it rewards a person's ability to influence others.Its holders can subjugate others to his will, to inspire their thoughts.Some called topaz stone inner enlightenment.It sharpens the response to their environment, develops intuition, reveals secrets, and most importantly - bring the owner of the wealth.

Peridot Peridot, a talisman for those born in August, is considered a talisman against fire and fire from the dangers and nightmares.Stone normalizes the nervous system, eliminates the envy protects against unreasonable actions and bad words.It helps to defuse the situation and resolve conflicts, promotes friendship and family happiness.

amazing natural wonder - gems - mysterious, sparkling, captivating beauty and amazing clarity.They do not get tired of watching them a pleasure to hold in their hands - they like warm, have their own heat and therefore seem to live their life unknown.

Gems mascots do not need a special way "to charge" - miraculous power given to them by nature.But do not rush to put on a stone right after your purchase, let the jewelery for at least a week otlezhus in the box, because, unlike other amulets and talismans, stones take effect immediately, but after some time, until the stone gets used to the new owner,and the owner of the stone - to him.The most effective, reliable and powerful talismans are the ones that have been presented or are inherited from generation to generation.But they require more time getting used to.