Properties and mystery stones .Agate

Agate refers to varieties of chalcedony - opaque quartz with a matt sheen and a very rich palette of color.Multicolored, layered striped chalcedony agate called - the name of the river on the island of Agates Sitsiliya.V ordinary agate almost transparent gray or blue ribbon-like layers alternating with white translucent or opaque.It can also be alternating stripes in different colors: white, gray, yellow, blue or black.

Stones, which differ in concentric layers or zigzag lines, called simple agates.Agatha parallel lines called Onyx.With the combination of white and brown stripes or brown stone called onyx, the alternating white and bright red lines - carnelian, onyx, yellow and white - nerahitovym onyx, black and white - Arabian onyx.

Sometimes there are so-called agate, flywheels, who in the depths of contained crystalline growths of green chlorite, resembling overgrown algae or moss.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that agate amulet protects from storms, quenches thirst.Eye agate used for inserti

on into the eyes of statues and to make talismans and amulets against the evil eye.

Agate was also known to the ancient Greeks and Romans.The ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus mentions it as a stone dedicated to the Roman goddess Pomona, which protected the harvest, gardening and horticulture.

believed that agate balls can protect plants from hail and freezing nights.Therefore, as a talisman, he brings success to all interested in the rich harvest.This stone has promised good luck and engaged in animal husbandry.It was the mascot of honest workers.

Agate creates love, softens the pain of separation, opens a hoax, clarifies the hidden thoughts of other people.Black agate as an amulet to protect against the dangers of evil forces, but it is sad and may lead to an unexpected situation.

At different times and in different nations agate was considered a talisman that saves against poison, including snake.He also attributed properties to sharpen eyesight, carry the protection of the owner, give him eloquence and force, to protect people from the hurricane and the storm.It is also believed that the white or yellow agate protects against witchcraft and vampire attacks, favors kindness, gentleness, tranquility and self-confidence.

For therapeutic purposes, beads made of agate are advised to wear a protracted cough, sore throat and teeth

from gout are in agate bracelets.Furthermore, the stone prevents convulsions.

Agate teaches a person to listen to the rustling of the quietest and not pay attention to nothing - the cries and the sound of breaking dishes.Agate sets a very thin wave of perception of the world, clearing the channel clairaudience and clairvoyance.

to display agate new abilities necessary to carry one or two days in the ears or on the neck as a necklace, but not the beads, and then in the form of a bracelet (preferably metal-free) a few days and always have separate agate stones in his pockets.Pebbles these often need to shift from one pocket to another.

Sometimes agate excites and irritates the man brings to life fuss and panic, but if carefully restrain yourself, do not give emotions to break out, the stone will be able to successfully work with great benefit to humans.

Agate recovering gold and silver.It is possible to straighten the stone and copper, as in the treatment of certain diseases copper enhances the properties of agate.

most suitable agate bulls.Such people are advised to wear agate rimmed in copper as a mascot, the best in the bracelet - this prevents gout and brings success in business.It can also be worn Cancers, Aquarius and Libra.

not very suitable it is for Pisces and Sagittarius for agate is contraindicated, since it deprives them of the opportunity to achieve the desired.Do not wear an agate, and Aries - the sign of the stone makes this pathetic and insignificant in the eyes of other people.

The Indian agate understanding is symbolic of prosperity for the European consciousness, he is a symbol of longevity.