Properties and mystery stones .Pearl

Pearl refers to organogenic jewels.These jewels can not be considered jewels in the truest sense of the word.They are not stones, as such, because their formation is associated with wildlife, even in ancient times, such a distinction is not made.So, Pliny.Senior writes that pearl takes the highest position as a gem and places it immediately after the diamond before izumrudom.Estestvenny pearls known to man since time immemorial.It is mentioned in ancient Indian and Persian legends, it is found in Egyptian tombs, and ancient Chinese burials.The sacred books of India and China say the highly prized pearls have 4-5 thousand years ago.

term "pearl" comes from the Chinese "Zhen-ju".The Arabs called it "zenchug" Indians - "Magna-ra", and the Greeks - "Marguerite".It used the name "pearl" in Slavic and European languages.

Pearls - a pearlescent substance deposits (hard deposits of calcium carbonate) in the shells of marine and freshwater molluscs.Pearl does not have a long life - he "lives" to 150-300 years,

then dries and shrinks.

pearl beauty is undeniable, and large specimens are rare and cost a fortune.Despite the increased competition in the market by artificially cultured pearls, natural valued as highly as before.For example, the most expensive in the world of pearls called "La Rezhant" - egg-shaped pearl weighing 15.13 grams of the meeting of the French crown, was sold at Christie's auction in Geneva in 1988 for 864,300 dollars.

The color best varieties of pearls are divided into white, yellow, pink, bluish.Less valuable - gray, red, yellow.Rare species - black, blue, green.The shape of the pearl is round (the most valuable), oval and irregularly shaped, often pear-shaped.The unit of mass is the pearl pearl Grand equal to 1/4 of a carat.Regardless of the shape and color, real pearls should have a play of light, without which it is of no value.

It is the largest known modern pearl at one time was in the famous collection of Hope.It has an almost cylindrical shape with a slight bulge at one end.Pearl Dimensions: 51 mm in length, 114 mm in circumference at the thick end and 83 mm in circumference have a thinner, weight - about 1,800 of pearl faces (450 carats).About 3/4 of all pearls volume has white color with fine performances, and the rest is bronze color.

Pearl "Great Southern Cross" consists of nine fused in the form of a cross of large pearls.She was discovered in a shell of pearl oyster, caught in 1886 off the coast of Western Australia.One of the most beautiful and famous pearls was "Pellegrin".She had a perfect spherical shape and white color.Weight it was 111.5 pearl grain.At the beginning of the last century it belonged to a monastic brotherhood of St. Zosima in Moscow.

largest pearl in the world is called the "Pearl of Allah."It was removed from the giant clam (weighing more than 300 kg) caught in 1934 off the coast of the Philippine Islands in the South China Sea.Inside was a pearl clams weighing 6.5 kilograms - the size larger than a coconut.A diver who discovered the sink was killed: giant clam squeezed his wings his hand, and he could not come to the surface.

The pearl of ancient Russia was one of the most popular ornaments.They were decorated not only clothes the emperor, princes, nobles and priests, church utensils, royal and boyar dish, but also ordinary citizens outfits.Jewellery from pearls worn on the bartender - Shoulders festive clothing, wrists, buttons, buckles.He abounded in rings, earrings, necklaces.

Starting from the XI century.pearls frescoes, icons and mosaics.He was very developed this art form as pearl embroidery.Thus, the mantle of Ivan the Terrible was completely littered with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other stones, including pearls the size of a walnut.On the hat of the king, richly decorated with pearls, sapphires were 15, 8 diamonds, one emerald.

the Diamond Fund are stored a large imperial crown in 1762 for the coronation of Catherine II.For her, the best were selected stones and pearls palace treasury.The crown consists of two openwork silver hemispheres separated by garland and crown fastened low

is entirely decorated with diamonds and large pearls.This crown has always been a symbol of state power in Russia.

Pearls - a pledge of loyalty and love, he protects the faithful, strengthens the bonds of marriage and the home.Since ancient times believed that pearls pales to a man who is able to make a deal with his conscience, commit unseemly or mean act, to change its principles.Thus, Pearl served as a barometer of human behavior and judge his actions.

Yet pearl jewel is considered unlucky, because it contains the negative effect of the moon.It brings tears owner, the loss of illusions and hopes.The only positive of his property - to bring to its owner health, changing its color.

about pearls However, there are also more optimistic view.So, in Izbornik Sviatoslav said that pearls promotes prosperity and longevity, but also considered a lucky amulet.He was considered a good medicine and: solution in which the cooked pearl, brings relief from diseases of the liver, it helps with anemia.Crushed pearls drank from buffalo milk - it must be protected from the evil eye and the ability to foresee the future.It was believed that pearls should be worn only in conjunction, as he quickly "dies" from the fumes of the body.Pearls are encouraged to wear only in the form of beads or necklaces.

Astrologers determined pearl as a jewel, which need to be careful.Pearls can make anyone disappointed and completely disorganized, if a person does not own them.

Pearl is only suitable for those fanatical and self-confident - they it offers various choices of action detracts from the fetishism gives objectivity, makes closer to other people, knocking pride, arrogance, vanity, makes it possible to look back and to his rear.For the love affairs of pearls should be avoided, since it strengthens the love of the beloved and the only guarantee of its faithful.People who work with children, you can not wear pearls.Especially bad it is for travelers and actors, as it deprives them of opportunities to engage in their activities.

Pearls are advised to wear Aquarius and Pisces.On the last in the XV century, he wrote Bologna astrologer Domenico Maria Novara, "When the Sun enters the sign of Pisces, born extraordinary people, who often bring to light the gifts of the Muses: poetry, music and books - all that they love more than any other people.By the actions of these people magically nourish great interest.Their minds are often clouding anger, and in this case, they can be difficult to reason with.Pearls have been found on the seabed, bring them happiness. "Europeans understand the pearl as a symbol of longevity.In India, it is associated with the notion of prosperity and well-being.