Ten cases for which should go to Denmark

Denmark is good is the fact that here successfully combined incongruous - conservatism and the desire for novelty.The ancient architecture in harmony with the glass houses, cubes, love of order and measured adjacent to a complete negation of all the rules, and medieval knights do not look ridiculous against the background of the giant wind turbines.

best time to travel to Denmark - from May to September and December (before Christmas).In summer it is moderately warm, although rain is not uncommon.In winter the temperature rarely drops below 5 degrees.Snow usually falls in December, as a gift for Christmas and New Year holidays, making Denmark in the fairy kingdom.

offer readers "RB. The Travel" list, which must be done, being on vacation in Denmark.

Infiltrate the island squatters

on the unique island of Amo in the heart of Copenhagen, more than 40 years ago, busy squatters (from the English squat -. Illegally settle in a foreign land or in an unoccupied house), you can enter through a small entr

ance near the water.Once you get to the residential houses of different colors, sizes and shapes, sometimes ridiculous my drawing and surrounded by landfills of gas cylinders, boards, and bicycle wheels.All this is reminiscent of Moscow Region is not the most respectable gardening.Judging by the posters, there is still a struggle for the introduction of separate waste collection and cleanliness of children's playgrounds.You can take pictures, but gently.But on the way to Pusher Street, the main street of a free state under the name Christiania, it is necessary to clean away the camera: society, flushed with alcohol and soft drugs, does not like lenses, as huge letters written in each column.Tourists are in no danger, but if you wander alone on trails Christiania seems not comfortable, you can take a guided tour.

Reread Hamlet

in Helsingor (45 km north of Copenhagen) is the famous Kronborg, known as Hamlet's castle.In Shakespeare's time the place was so famous that foreigners consider it the capital of Denmark.Impregnable castle with a sharp spike, often shrouded in mist, produced a Shakespeare was so impressed that he "settled" is the Danish prince.Almost 200 years in the castle regularly show various productions of "Hamlet."The best view of the castle - a ferry that runs between the Danish and the Swedish Helsingborg Helsingor day several times per hour, at night - less (on the road - about 20 minutes, 4 km).

By the way, on the shores of the Øresund Strait near Helsingør is the most expensive land in Denmark.Mighty stone houses with thatched roofs are not less than the modern design of the building made almost entirely of glass (2 million euros for a house of 250 square meters. M and 10 acres of land).

heartily fun

The best place for this - Tivoli is the oldest amusement park in Europe.It is located in the heart of Copenhagen, close to the main railway station.As the locals say, there is no other place in Denmark, where it is so well preserved typical Danish spirit.Restaurants and snack bars with stuff, souvenir shops, colorful carousel, duck-boats, all kinds of attractions, burning hundreds of lamps and light bulbs - all this creates a unique holiday atmosphere.Typically Danish park created officer Georg Carstensen, who spent his childhood in Algeria, and then spent several years in America.Tivoli is constantly being improved and updated with new modern attractions.Now the park is the most visited place in Copenhagen.However, during the Christmas market (mid-November - December) at the entrance queues - in the cold especially want miracles.

Find the most photographed house in Denmark

It is on Smedegade in Ereskobinge (Ærøskøbing) on ​​island Era (Ærø), which is 200 km from Copenhagen.Small, buried in the ground and rickety, it is still so attractive that it does not shy away from any photographer.This house can be seen on postcards, in calendars and magazines.However, all Ereskobing - one big open-air museum, where more than a hundred unique buildings, the oldest of which are almost 400 years old.The island also has one of the world's largest solar power plants and wind turbine park.In the fall they come here birdwatchers - amateur ornithologists, who are hoping to see the phenomenon of "black sun", when thousands of small birds huddling huge spherical swarms.Accessible by Era can only be on the ferry, which runs several times a day.An alternative to visiting Ayr - a trip to Ribe, the oldest extant Danish cities.

Calculate the number of Danish flags

It is not easy!In particular, the most common, seemingly day you can see several hundreds of red and white flags.National Danish flag is called Dannebrog, is one of the oldest national flags in the world.Danes decorate their apartments, houses and government offices, parks, kindergartens and cars.If the flag is dotted with garden near the house, then the master celebrates birthday.At stations with Danish flags in their hands met returning from overseas relatives and friends.Miniature flags decorate cakes and pastries, and in shops and markets local products so designated.These simple products made of cloth, paper or plastic can be purchased at any store that sells office supplies or souvenirs.

Turn into a brave knight

To do this, visit the medieval festival and bazaar.Firing the gun, shoot the archers, race horses fearless knights.The quantity and quality of medieval festivals Denmark - ahead of the rest.Every year in various cities - Copenhagen, Køge, Aalborg, Viborg, etc. -. It takes several tens of events.One of the most popular - the medieval market on the island of Bornholm, which is open during the week in mid-July.It's a real theater where you can see the grandiose battles, tournaments, as well as scenes from everyday medieval life.Before Bornholm can be reached by plane or bus, and high-speed ferry.

Take a gastronomic journey

Try the white asparagus with poached egg and of fragrant woodruff sauce, shrimp with rhubarb root, or something else, depending on the season, it is possible to Noma, the most expensive and pretentious restaurant in Copenhagen.It is located in the former fish warehouses on the waterfront at Christianshavn.Restaurant, has received two Michelin stars, famous for the unusual interpretation of old Scandinavian cuisine with an emphasis on local wild herbs and berries.The cost of lunch of seven dishes - about 1,500 Danish kroner (about $ 300) for the wine - a separate fee.Another interesting restaurant - patisserie La Glace on Skoubogade, working on the site since 1870.It is necessary to go for a piece of cake Sportskage cream with nougat with almond cookies or Efterårskage of chocolate truffles in chocolate.True, they almost always have to wait for a seat at the table.And, of course, no tourist will pass by the most famous places in Copenhagen - Nyhavn (New Harbour), an ancient canal with lots of moored ships, where neighbors a few dozen bars and restaurants.

a fast ride on a bicycle

Bicycling is very popular form of transport.At least one third of all the inhabitants of Copenhagen regularly use a bicycle for commuting to the university or to visit.For transportation of Danish children use special trailers.Cycling paths are marked not only the special markup, but slightly raised above the roadway.In the capital of Denmark, is about 100 points, where you can take a bike for free.To do this, drop a coin in the hole 20 crowns and get it back at the return of the vehicle in any similar stand.Location rental counters can be viewed on the map.You can also use the services of companies that offer bicycles for rent.Rental price - about $ 15 per day.

winter in Denmark is popular ice skating in season, running more than a dozen ice rinks that are open in all cities of the country in the central squares.Skates can bring or rent, price - about 5-10 dollars.

Best rink opens on a beautiful area of ​​Copenhagen - Kongens Nytorv.The largest ice rink in the area is considered Genforeningspladsen, 54 (nearest station - Fuglebakken, just 20 minutes from the center of Copenhagen).

Drink a cup Glega on Christmas market

In Denmark before Christmas cold and windy, and there is nothing better than a delicious cup of hot drink Glega (gløgg).It is sold not only in restaurants, cafes, but also in the streets and Christmas markets.Do Glega of wine with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, dried tangerine peels, sugar, raisins, nuts.For sometimes added fortress of vodka, brandy or aquavit (a strong Scandinavian drink), but there are soft - it is made not from wine and fruit juice.Glega good in itself, and donuts, ginger biscuits or toasted almonds.Alternative Glega - beer.And even before Christmas it is necessary to eat rice pudding with cinnamon.

go shopping

best place for this - Strøget (Strøget), pedestrian street in the center of Copenhagen.Shops and boutiques, which sell everything - from shoes and jewelry to souvenirs and furniture, are interspersed with cafes and restaurants.Bredgade Street and Læderstræde famous for its antique and second-hand shops.For stylish little things for the interior should go on Amagertorv.Here, for example, is one of three metropolitan stores Georg Jensen, which sells original watch, silver cutlery, vases, candlesticks and more.A couple of hours should be allocated to the designer boutiques on Pilestræde - Designers Remix Charlotte Eskildsen, Samsøe & amp;. Samsøe, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, By Malene Birger, etc. Do not forget: on Saturday, many shops close early, and on Sunday - and did not work.