Properties mystery stones .Ruby

Latin word «ruber» translated as red, that's ruby ​​gets its name from the red color.However earlier called rubies and garnet, spinel and red, and only in 1800, it was found that ruby, sapphire and the like, is a kind korunda.Svoyu ruby ​​has a bright color due to the presence of chromium, and brown shades attaches stone iron content.Most rubies in price with the color "blue blood."This is purely a red stone with a light purple hue.coloring is often distributed spots or stripes.Raw ruby ​​crystals have a dull sheen and faceted polished stones sparkle almost like diamonds.

ruby ​​deposits known in Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.Rubies from Thailand usually have a brownish color, and the Sri Lankan - often with a hint of strawberry.In Tanzania, there are opaque rubies, and in the north of the country found purple and brown stones.

Ruby belongs to the most expensive jewels.Large rubies are even rarer than diamonds of the same size.The largest ruby ​​weighed jewelry 400 carats - he was found in B

urma, then splits into three parts.Transparent rubies are often subjected to stepped or brilliant-cut, less transparent polished cabochon.

One of the most famous and beautiful jewels, "Edward Rubin" in 167 carats, is in the British Museum of Natural History.It was donated to the museum in 1887 stellate ruby ​​"De Long" weighing 100 carats, is the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and like him, but larger - "Riva" (138.7 carats) - at the Smithsonian Institutionin Washington.Many large rubies adorn the royal regalia and old heirlooms.

Rubin always very appreciated in the East, where the cost even more expensive than diamond.Oriental nations believe that the main property of the mystical ruby ​​- generate attraction to the great, but also to warn about the danger of a change of color, protect against lower spirits, of evil powers and spells.

Ruby - stone accompanying power and might, power and spiritual fire.It is often used as a symbol of ardent and passionate love.Ancient people believed that the ruby ​​is attached to the holder of the power of a lion, courage and wisdom of the serpent eagle, promotes passion and love charms.

According to legends, the stone is able to stop the bleeding, improve memory, to give joy and courage, to instill courage.

Amulets of ruby ​​can protect its wearer from serious illnesses.Melancholic, hypochondriacs, he gives energy, which removes timidity and shyness to communicate and its brilliance and beauty gives them confidence.

Useful ruby ​​persons with reduced pressure.But do not wear a ruby ​​people with choleric temperament, excitable and prone to the affects, as the stone only enhances these qualities.

contraindicated ruby ​​evil and cruel by nature to people, because it sharpens and enhances their cruelty.Soft, sensitive and even a lazy person that stone will power, creative impulses and the ability to implement them.

It is believed that the noble moral and human ruby ​​leads to victories and feats.Ordinary people, he brings love and happiness.

Especially useful Ruby Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.You can wear it and Capricorn, but the stone long accustomed to the complex nature of this zodiac sign.

Rim ruby ​​should be gold, as it increases the power of the stone.

In various parts of the world symbolism ruby ​​understand differently.Europeans consider it a symbol of fidelity, Indians - love and health, the American Indians - a symbol of beauty, the king's dignity and strength.In the Christian understanding, this stone symbolizes God's love and devotion to the faith.