City , who escaped from a fairy tale

there in this world a place having a? The inexplicable power of attraction.The most fascinating of them - the Czech Republic, a country that has a special needs no introduction.In the corners of the Earth, planned to visit any traveler necessarily assigns a place, and not the least for it.

Since the time of the disappearance of the notorious "Iron Curtain", perhaps, only the lazy and indifferent member of the genus Homo sapiens has not visited in the Czech Republic.The one "old age home will not find", should at least once in their lives to see its capital - Prague.Perhaps the Czech Republic - the most suitable country for the first forays abroad: more than reasonable prices, and loyalty to the visa regime - a large "plus" in its favor.It is true that in the Czech consulate has its own caprice: you will get a visa, if the distance from your nose to the chin is not less than 13 mm - in the pictures, of course.

What do we know about the Czech Republic, going there the first time?Prague fabulously beauti

ful, but there are many pickpockets.In the country of the river really tasty beer, but this is true only for the drinks served in breweries - not much better than our bottled.Be sure to visit the Charles Bridge and make a wish, and try "smazhenni" cheese that is fried, and pork knee, to see in action the clock on the Old Town Hall, stroll through the Zlata street, go on one of the most respectable resorts in the world - Karlovy Vary...

What catches the eye in the first day of stay in the Czech Republic?Despite the "off-season", but you are also thousands of such cunning and the Charles Bridge is still overcrowded.(The thought that the season of tourists is more, you start to appreciate yourself for resourcefulness. Immediately solemnly promised myself to come back here in the early morning or late evening to enjoy this a part of Prague without the hassle and hustle. It is useless, because the same thought everyof those who came here) to explore the city contraindicated even small heels -. all of its central part is covered with paving stones, and corn - the first of the gifts purchased here - for a long time does not allow you to forget about the Czech Republic.

All other information you firmly grasp of not later than the next morning:

- to get lost in Prague is difficult (of course, if it originally was not the purpose of your journey), as there are a lot of Russian-speaking and the subway is painfully reminiscent of Moscow;

- serving establishments in catering is not great, just great, and therefore, making the order, should be sensibly assess the reserve possibilities of his stomach;

- beer you still drink more than ordered, even before his departure from Moscow did not drink it in principle;

- the national pride of Czech cuisine - dumplings.To taste they remind a couple of slices of warmed loaf of "Capital", but breath, you have them all the same finishing their, because they are not ashamed to collect the remains of a plate of delicious sauce;

- ground transportation goes to within the Kremlin chimes;

- fraud may be encountered anywhere.For example, in the currency exchange rate is often a third lower than claimed, but that you learn only receive cash.Accordingly, when visiting the institution on a par with the money would be nice to have a pen and notebook, where the clerk cherknet how much money is owed to you.Such correspondence boldly venturing to exchange procedures.Feel free to be - so do most of the tourists in Prague.In the end it is you brought money institution, and not vice versa.If you suddenly realize that something is not understood, and want to return their money, you will lose even more, because now you buy a currency, not selling it ... with another Prague scams you may encounter in a cafe Josefov quarter (and probablyelsewhere), where you do not batting an eye will surrender bills, have walked out of a turn.Do not go back to the bartender to prove that, well, that's a mug - save the coin as a souvenir.

After a while you are surprised to notice that:

- Pan average fatness is able to easily carry at a time in the hands of ten half-liter mugs of beer (do not try to replicate at home);

- in the subway, despite the absence of conventional turnstiles and protect their broad chest tetenek, all without reminders composted "yizdanku" - sorry, ticket.Even more surprising is the ability to use all the same "yizdanku" for an hour to travel by any mode of urban transport;

- in the same subway doors of several cars opened only after pressing the specially equipped button.If you are near it first - do not expect one for you it presses all patiently will wait for you to remember that going to go;

- sightseeing tour of old Prague it is possible (for the same "yizdanke") to make a conventional tram, going where the heart desires, rather than a guide;

- to buy in a drugstore remedy for some new common cold, you need a doctor's prescription;

- places where even kings go on foot, abound in Prague - the metro, cafes, and just on the street.Visit most of them for free, but if somewhere and have to pay some money, then a maximum of 50 cents (see, quite a small amount in exchange for the ease of life);

- a miniature Zlata street could easily come after 18 hours and wander among the tiny houses for nothing;

- and in general, all around so not expensive, that for the power offensively.

The day after you stop paying attention to the strangeness of the Czech language and get used to the fact that "vonyavki" - spirits, and "cattle" and "scum" - not what you think ... Well, the posters with the inscription "Shame, the police steal! "and does stop to notice.By then you will already know, This is not an accusation of corruption, just so you only vsegonavsego something warned.

Listening guide stories about the construction of the Charles Bridge (for the strength of the solution was kneaded to egg proteins, and therefore, in spite of the efforts of the Vltava River, the bridge is 600 years);the atrocities fantastic clay giant Golem (his remains are still lurking somewhere in the attic of the Old-New Synagogue);Jan Nepomuk of principle (he refused to violate the secrecy of confession, even before the king and became a cult figure among the Czechs of all generations);Visegrad on the ruins of Roman columns stored in the garden (it is the devil in a rage threw a temple), you finally believe seriously that the Prague - city, escaped from a fairy tale.

Admiring the medieval splendor of the streets of the Czech capital, you become more likely to think that once (maybe in a past life) all have seen.And make no mistake - do so.This déjà vu is simple: many European cities (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Salzburg and even county town N for our "Auditor") was filmed in Prague.

The biggest surprise for you ad will guide the completion of your last day in the Czech capital.And then, you will understand: Ah!forget to throw a coin into the river, did not have time to buy gifts to friends, acquaintances, loved ones, and along with myself and do not tell anything considered as a guide constantly in a hurry to show something else, again and again ... And then I thank myself for not lazy andread the guide before coming to the Czech Republic, or of the Prague Venice you would only find out on the way home.And in the free guide harassment hour you have been on a small island of Kampa, where the eyes have seen the existing mill, whose great wheel not only customize the lazy river water Hellcats, but also adds a magic city.In fairness, we thank and guide, make sure you do not drown the next evening in Prague brewery, and look at the fascinating sight - singing fountains.However, they are likely to dancing, but this is detail.The idea that you have wasted half an hour, waiting for the local boys will be able to amuse the guards a guard of honor of Prague Castle, will not allow you to sleep peacefully.But you have time to take pictures with them (guards, of course) for memory.And if we judge it objectively, the minimum program, you still have fulfilled ...

calm yourself that Prague - is not the whole Czech Republic, in the morning you will already be ready for new experiences.Of course, you as well as Prague does not want to leave Cesky Krumlov, which captivates all its medieval flavor, and stalactite caves in Moravian Karst, whose underground labyrinth rivers bring to the bottom of the gorge Macocha.That's only in the chapel-ossuary, in the suburb of Kutna Hora, visitors do not linger.All items of its interior are made of human bones: and a chandelier, and a cross, and the Shrine, and even the Schwarzenberg family coat of arms - the original owners of this establishment.Such exceptional rarity will not be the answer to the question most tourists: "Why?" The guide habitually planted his hands - from the rich their quirks.

But the rich still want to become.Especially after a trip to Karlovy Vary - city of eternal holiday.The fact that you are still in the world, does not allow to forget the abundance of Russian-speaking audience.And who just came up with this torture - take to visit this fantastic place just one day!Slowly defile the audience, which every now and then is applied to the fun poilnichkam.Streets, consisting of a continuous series of villas and respectable hotels.The first came from them want to stay forever.But we have to be content with what you have: presented to the fate of one day - Live it, so that was not then hurt ... In Karlovy Vary even one day is enough to feel like an aristocrat, who came to the water - poilnichki for every taste sold everywhere,water - so that all in vain.However, it should be used "as the doctor ordered," but because you just want to try.To get involved is not necessary, and no time - it is a rest not in a hurry, and you are a travel agency for all holiday joy let go of all only a day, but should still have time to crunch in a cafe famous Karlovy Vary waffles, buy on the occasion (he even imagine?) On thermal cosmeticswater pokapriznichat in showcases jewelery shop, choosing the Bohemian garnets.Even if you do not buy anything, you still smile.Promise to come next week - around does not necessarily know that you have come here for just one day ...

Any tale ends there late early.Most often happily.On the train, you bring in the order of their impressions.What do all travelers on the way home?Ruga was worth dad Lukashenko, banned the import into the territory of Belarus more than a liter of beer.They complain that, as always, did not have a single day off.And sorry that you forgot to buy a souvenir pigweed Ivan, who in your absence watered cacti and feed the cat.They remember the taste of beer and fried cheese, as well as face the bartender, bamboozle you turn.

What do we know about the Czech Republic, returning to Russia?Thieves in Prague, no more than in Moscow.A liter of Czech beer can be enjoyed quietly, like a glass of tea, and our beer after the Czech drink at all impossible.In fact, no one knows how to make a wish on the Charles Bridge.Place under the sun, that is, under the clock at the Old Town Square, it is necessary to hold for 20 minutes before they start to play, because you will meet like a few thousand there.Your pet will have to fall in love "smazhenni" cheese because, in the words of Professor Transfiguration, "if you say that it is bad, I am your sworn enemy for life."Certainly it will be necessary to go to the Czech Republic again to slowly, for the benefit of body and soul to rest in Karlovy Vary.And most importantly, we are convinced that Prague is really incredibly beautiful ...

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