Properties and mystery stones .Lapis lazuli ( lapis )

Lapis lazuli or lapis, a sky-blue color.This stone is very revered in the East.It is used for the manufacture of pins, necklaces, brooches and other ukrasheniy.Esche in the IV millennium BC in the ancient tombs of the kings of Ur - the city-state, which existed in the Arabian Peninsula, folding jewelry made of lapis lazuli.

Products from lapis lazuli present in the tombs of the first pharaohs of Egypt.Here are excerpts from the description of the tomb of King Tutankhamun, "on the chest of the mummy, from the neck to the abdomen, were thirty-five gold objects, including a gold pectoral (breast ornament), inlaid with green crystal, lapis lazuli Carnelian, which is attached to the neck of the flexible strip of goldand lapis lazuli.The garment covering the chest and abdomen of the mummy, twelve rings, made of solid gold has been invested, lapis lazuli, green chalcedony, turquoise. "

deposits of lapis lazuli are very rare.There are only four major fields where the mined gemstone.In Russia, a lot of lapis l

azuli in the old days were imported Bukharan merchants.

In ancient Egypt lapis was known as the stone of the gods.In the dry parched land of this cobalt blue color with golden patches contrasted sharply with the arid landscape.Therefore, the Egyptians believed that lapis - a messenger of God, with which you can touch to the divine garments.

lapis making dyes and stained clothes of the great priests.Lapis was ground and added to specific drugs used as a determinant of poisons: the Egyptians believed that the blue color brings toxins and impurities.

Now lapis used for the purification of the aura of the accretions of the past, which makes no sense to carry on.At the same time often have memories of old grudges, and lapis defuse them faster than any other stone.

impregnations gold symbolize wisdom.Ancient people believed lapis lazuli stone sincerity.Gifts include lapis lazuli, trusted more than words, as they were regarded as signs of true friendship.

Lapis is used as a remedy for certain diseases of the nerves.It prevents asthma and sciatica, treats bleeding in women who banishes insomnia.From internal ulcers heal lapis with gold dots.

Talisman of lapis lazuli brings happiness in love and gambling, as well as peace and happiness.With the talismans of true lapis lazuli unexpected plans and projects.

Lapis sees a specific task in every moment of life.This stone helps the person to collect his thoughts, strengthen willpower.Lapis is not a man presses his power, he only lightly pushed him to seek in all things their hidden side.

to the perception of energy need to be refined lapis man.Whoever catches, he feels the call of lapis lazuli, can change dramatically: to become a philosopher, a real sage.Lapis only give impetus to the development.

Lapis - stone is the people who seek to renew his life.It promotes the formation of new interests and strengthen the friendship and mutual affection.

contraindicated only the stone Capricorn, everyone else can wear it.

in the European sense of lapis lazuli - a symbol of prosperity, success and good luck.