Features of Indigo children

There are lots of very different assumptions about the nature of the Indigo children, the nature and proper education.But where it has gone this name - "Indigo"?The term "Indigo children" were the first to use specialists superhuman abilities - after studying the aura of these special children found that it is a bit dark-blue color - the color Indigo.To understand the cause of this phenomenon, unfortunately, the experts were not able to, but the name "Indigo children" is firmly lodged in their minds.

The main feature of the Indigo children - this is not strange aura color (it must be said, the definition of the aura itself is also no one in particular could not articulate), and their originality.Their children and something difficult to call.From an early age children are Indigo talk about the fate of the world, discover rare abilities and talents, stand out from the crowd strange demeanor, possess amazing leadership qualities, because it rejects any education standards.A very popular example Indigo ch

ild is boy, aged five fully explore the world repertoire of works for violin and played in the orchestra on a par with professional musicians.

Sire Before long people look at the phenomenon of Indigo children with materialistic point of view that does not allow them to look at the full picture of this phenomenon.Perhaps, if the research will be taken into account such tonkoplanovye things as mind and soul with potential features, people will be able to find out who they were and where the Indigo children.

Talking about the phenomenon of Indigo children, we must not forget the theory of DIMendeleev on the trinity of man and the world at large.There are three levels - this material body, mind and soul.The mind takes in this triad is perhaps the main place.Over his study he worked D. followerMendeleyev - VIVernadsky.He is the founder of the concept of the noosphere - the sphere of reason, which holds flawless, true knowledge, which is perfectly compatible with the human mind.This leads to the idea that the secret features of Indigo children lies not in heredity and upbringing (factors of the material plane), and in the unusual properties of their tonkoenergeticheskih entities, opportunities which will undoubtedly exceed the capacity of previous generations.

Vernadsky believed that in the XXI century, people will find the opportunity to contact with the noosphere and the main way of transmitting information will be intuition.So, another very interesting feature of the Indigo children is their study of world technology: instead of the traditional method of trial and Indigo bugs apply its responsive intuition, through which the data is received from the global information space (let's call it so) about how to do better in certaincircumstances.Because Indigo children is so strong in his actions and words, willful - so they have the character almost from birth.Many parents make the mistake of raising such a child, keeping their own views of the world, depriving it of the right to choose, naively believing it stupid not to know anything about the surrounding reality.This attitude gives rise to a lot of conflicts and problems between parents and children.Sometimes the child's parents Indigo resist finishes serious diseases, poorly treatable.Due to the strong talent Indigo children, and a high degree of lack of understanding of their society possible manifestation of their anti-social manner, since it is the most convenient form of protest, to which children are able to Indigo in childhood.

At the moment, there are at least 80 different faculties, with which own the Indigo children.

transmission of thoughts from a distance, the ability to see in real time what is happening in another part of the world, predicting the future, telekinesis - are just a few of the main features of the arsenal of the Indigo children.Before the birth of every child is given a certain amount of knowledge, for the realization of which it is born in this world.From a set of basic knowledge develops personal human destiny - his area of ​​activity in which he will deal best with his knowledge.In other words, any human child (especially if it is Indigo) - already putative genius: writer, diplomat, philosopher, mathematician, managing, etc. Everyone has his destiny, which is able to hold it in the most direct way to achieve truth..

So, another feature of the Indigo children is a solid knowledge of his place in this world - its purpose.The thirst to learn and deal with them only and nothing else.Thus, indigo can fully realize their inner potential.The purpose of others - to create conditions similar to the child, do not spoil it stupid, outdated, incorrect knowledge, and give the opportunity to make a new and true in our world.If slightly exaggerated, we can even say that parents do not need to teach their children to live in this world, and vice versa - parents need to learn from their own children.

There is a problem of establishing what the child was born a creator, a source of truth and Truth (Indigo), and a destroyer, sent as a punishment to parents and to mankind for their misdeeds.Both children are very different from the actions and behavior of their peers, knocked out of the usual norms.And if we do not yet fully know who are the Indigo children, humanity begins to confuse really smart and capable children with normal disorderly and inappropriate.Both of these child badly in school, but the reasons are fundamentally different.At Indigo - is negligent in training due to the fact that they too quickly assimilate novuyuinformatsiyu.In destroyers - just a lack of intelligence.Such traits related behavior in both types a lot, but basically they are not a bit similar.To date, special devices designed allowing to make a thorough study of the hidden child features.With high accuracy system works for the establishment of human destiny, the discovery of his talents and features based tonkoplanovyh information.Knowledge of the true purpose can simplify the communication of parents and children, to help teachers understand the basis for a better quality of education and child development.If a person is in a life destined to become an actor, it becomes quite clear why it is extremely energetic, impulsive and with great zeal interested in creativity instead of physics and mathematics.Therefore, to ask him a lot in these fields of knowledge is useless.

important point - it is best to be the child's teacher Indigo fit people whose destiny from birth is teaching people who have information about the soul, the mind, the true structure of the world, etc.Only they can comprehend and experience the features of the approach to the development of the Indigo children.Predisposition to parenting person will accurately determine the ability of each child to choose to each personal style of teaching that lifts the effectiveness of training, etc. And on the contrary -. People with logical thinking will never get along with intuitive child - a child or will be "spoiled" or, at best,case referred to the "feeble-minded."

But after listing the main distinctive features and characteristics of the Indigo children, there is a legitimate question - why now they have to be born in such numbers around the world?

believed that the arrival of the Indigo children are mainly caused by acute distress radically change the consciousness of humanity, to find gaps in the classical principles of education and training.Everything is constantly evolving, and humanity is no exception - soon people will have to go to a new stage of its development.It must be admitted that now our entire system of education and training is heading for the abyss.Bribery for admission to educational institutions, careless, shameless attitude of teachers to students, a general lack of training of teachers ...

Increasingly there alcoholics and drug addicts, the homeless and the unemployed - all of these people could not find their purpose in our world.After learning of the child - half the battle.We need more and tell him in which direction to move to firmly take its place in life.Goethe's words as follows: "The genius is a person who has learned his destiny."And no matter how intelligent and gifted child is, it is very easy to "cripple" wrong knowledge.

Indigo Children are able to defend themselves against false knowledge, fighting for his views and beliefs.Excellent leadership skills and developed a sense of justice Indigo children - the same wall on which stumble parents and teachers.All you need to know is that the Indigo children - next-generation of reformers, on whose shoulders lies the great goal and to implement it in children from birth there is a craving for freedom, knowledge and feeling of the basic laws of the universe