Trade with the devil

As practice shows, you can sell anything, even such thin material as a soul.It is still unknown whether it is material and where there is, but, according to different researchers, people are weighed before and after death, the souls of the weight ranges from 11 to '43 What you can get in exchange for this lightweight, but such a valuable substance?


genre For what people are willing to sell your immortal soul?Perhaps, in the first place on the list of desired trophies will be wealth.The greed of man is boundless, no wonder there are many sayings with common sense: "The money is not much."And this human weakness actively uses every evil.Another type of offense - good luck: in affairs or in the game, but either way, the ultimate goal will still be enriching.The only question is, what price to pay for it.

In folklore heritage of every people there is a cautionary tale on etutemu.One poor man wished that in his pocket was always the same amount of money as the luckiest and richest player in the b

one, who lived in this village.Formulated thus a condition in and of itself gives the opportunity to circle the evil spirits thirsting simpleton wealth around your finger.Once the newly-born lucky sat down to play dice with the very rich, and then luck turned against him, the more he won, the less money getting in his pocket.And then came the moment when his pocket was as empty as his opponent.He also longed for revenge and demanded to start a new game.In vain the victim of diabolical deceit wrenched empty pockets and said that he had nothing to bet: the loser friends decided that he just hid the money, and with anger almost knocked out of him.

In Japan, there is a cautionary tale about a man who decided to make a deal with the goblin.In exchange for success in business this man had to eat a little grub - at first glance, a small fee.Larvae attach to the wall of the stomach, he had built a cocoon and become a pupa.This doll began to give his master tips, how to select the tone in the negotiations on what event is going, and what better to miss, how to behave with new acquaintances.But eventually hatched from pupae of the beetle, which was crawling on human innards, and his advice turned into categorical orders.The price paid for a temporary success in business has become a complete loss of control over their actions, this man turned into a soulless shell that blindly follow orders for its new owner.


not always payoff comes in life.Some demons waiting patiently when people throw off the burden of earthly concerns and arrive at their complete disposal.

In 1992 in Australia at the site of the former prison "Boggy Road" Museum appeared in the city of Brisbane, where visitors can see the dark chamber, has retained its original environment, as well as hear the diabolical laughter of one of the former prisoners, whose spirit continues to reside in the building.

Ernest Austin was the last condemned to death and hanged in the prison 22 September 1913.It is said that at the time of execution, and even in agony, this cruel killer 11-year-old girl laughing in the face of his executioners.And now he continues to publish his wild laughter in the corridors of the prison became museum.Previously, he frightened jailers and other inmates, but now curious visitors.According to local residents, so it fulfills its contract with the devil, collecting new souls for him.It is not known what was the subject of the transaction, but if you - eternal life, Austin cruelly deceived: to be in the shoes of a ghost prison until the end of days, and even in the service of the devil - an unenviable fate.