Mystic Lake Baikal : the ancient legend of the lake

Baikal has long been not only the extraordinary beauty of the lake, but also a sacred place.Since ancient times about it legends and mystical traditions.Their list is updated and contemporary.About Secrets and mysteries of the lake told local historian, a shaman and ufologist.

LEG Genghis Khan

director of the museum "Taltsy" Vladimir Tikhonov said that there are many legends and stories about the sea-lake, because of old people Baikal endowed with magical properties.For example, there is a legend that Genghis Khan "by the dry foot crossed Baikal Olkhon region", ie not crossed the lake and walked.

«Allegedly Olkhon through dry land, the land passed through Baikal Trail.Most likely, this is the wrong interpretation: there was no land bridge across Lake Baikal, it can not disappear so quickly.Simply, he was getting did not swim, but on the ground, can be bypassing Baikal ", - said Tikhonov.

According to him, a true story sounds that Baikal shore apart along with the movement of the continents.

«Given that Baikal is actually a living creature, that rift (rift basin), Lake Baikal is actually moved apart.Our Angara part remains in place and the Buryat pushed back toward the United States, through the many millions or hundreds of years.This is a real movement of continents, "- said the historian.

«With Budun»

There, according to museum director, enough fun and realistic legend about how there was the famous phrase "with Budun", which characterize the eve aggravated by alcohol.

«Olkhon near Cape Budun Xalq there.During the war there was the fishing spot, fishing team caught cisco for the army and the population.Food was not, and had a lot of alcohol, especially in the winter and fishermen alcohol warmed.When they came home to the village, about them saying: "Oh, come again with a hangover" - says Tikhonov.


Shaman Valentin Hagdaev recalls how he saw seven or eight years the lake glowing balls that could be mistaken for unidentified flying objects.

«There are glowing balls, they are over the strait, is seen not only me, but a federal judge with his son.Plates or not, but they covered the water, and then suddenly disappeared.It is not clear what it is.It shocked me, "- said the shaman.

mysterious luminous objects seen on Lake Baikal several times before.Even in 1971 the Leningrad engineer Georg Philipp wrote that he had seen on the island glowing columns, forming a smooth pyramid.

According Hagdaeva, it is also seen on the island of Olkhon circles, which are called "witches" in the nation.Circles are not exactly similar to the following animals: on the border of the circle there is a strip of lush and tall grass.Ufologists believe that this marks the aliens.Biologists believe that this is only the mycelium.

«Besides fairy ring, there is a mysterious rock carvings in the shape of a space helmet, can depict the aliens, maybe something else," - said Hagdaev.

head of the organization "Irkutsk-Kosmopoisk" Nikita Tomin, in turn, said that is not the first decade, there is talk about the possible existence in the bottom of the lake some alien plant, but noteworthy evidence of this yet.

«no actual evidence.There were diving to the bottom of Lake Baikal, but no one has found the station.Were glow episodes saw the unidentified luminous objects fly from the surface of the lake, but the problem is when we try to figure out, it turns out that many of the stories - it paraphrases paraphrases "- Tomin said.

place of power

«There are places that give energy, strength, for example Shaman Rock itself, where the spirits protect contemplate.Baikal has always been a sacred place, and after he began to defend UNESCO, the lake has attracted scientists from all over the world ", - said the shaman.

Shamanka on cape Burhan is composed of white marble, granite and quartz.Inside the rock is a cave, where for centuries shamans performed rituals and sacrifices.This place is considered "strong" as many local people remember their history.But this power is not characterized as good and life-giving.

In the old shaman to lead suspects something, checking guilty.If the water is shot down man down, it confirmed suspicions.There is a legend that here was tested and faithful wives.Leave them at night in Shamanka.If in the morning a woman is not going crazy, it means that it is a respectable wife.

There are other so-called places of power - it capes Bogatyr, Ryty and Khoboy, but not all of them can visit the tourist, according to the interlocutor, the locals cherish them carefully.