Luxembourg - quiet happiness in the middle of Europe

usually to learn through problem.In Luxembourg, there is almost no problems and, therefore, really no one knows.If somewhere killed someone, it becomes known to all.But when a happy young man marries a happy girl is a little interested.Someone else's happiness is not noticeable, it does not bother.Little Luxembourg quietly lives his happiness.

strange delicacies

Grand Duchy as it is officially called, is located in the center of Europe.Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg is compressed in the hot embrace of civilization: the big cities, hundreds of thousands of travelers, airports and factories.But it is not befitting the duchy, especially the Great, bother dirty work.Small world is far from statistical difficulties.

Here, as in the old mansion of the noble family of true, life is environmentally clean and friendly: green meadows with peacefully grazing sheep, virgin forests on the hills and symmetrical rows of vineyards along the Mosel River.What else is needed for an aristocratic comfort?Oh

yes!Good food and a pleasant companion.

Luxembourg cuisine - a good balance between the heavy German and French gourmet.The story, as one American asked what the locals eat.He began to enumerate the national delicacies: "calf brains and heart, goose liver, pig ears ..." - "How pig ears?"- "And the beef tongue and oxtail soup."- "What a mess, - said a fan of hamburgers and cheeseburgers - they are as simple savages!".And I went to the "McDonald's" for the portion of french fries.

Small but precious

Not every amateur to travel to Europe knows that the city of Schengen is located in Luxembourg.But the Grand Duchy is one of the founders of the European Community.It is the Court, the Council of Europe and dozens of other very important organizations.It does not come here by accident politicians and financiers from around the world.Due to the favorable tax system, many businessmen have registered their businesses here.Once a year, they are imposing a small tax, regardless of the amount of profits.And if you want to put in the bank your money (the local banks were not worse than the Swiss contribution to keep the secret), the International Bank of Luxembourg has a service specifically dedicated to customers from Eastern Europe.

But fate has not always been supportive of a small country and its inhabitants.Invasion of strangers, and the whims of the nobility of war left deep scars in the history of the region.

Romans in the time of Julius Caesar in the city dug mysterious catacombs.Today, in these dungeons are guided tours and concerts.Count Siegfried, the founder of the dynasty of the Dukes, ordered to build a fortress "Lyutsilinburhuk" on the site of the modern capital city, to defend their lands from the attacks of enemies.Hence grew over the next ten centuries, the impressive fortress city.After the XV century on these lands hosted the French, Spanish, Dutch, Austrians and Germans.Barracks of Louis XIV, a passionate lover of women, located a stone's throw from the Austrian bastions times Habsburg rule.

Stone Middle breath is felt throughout the country.Castles and fortresses scattered remnants as larks nest on the numerous hills and Gutland O├čling, the two main regions of edge.Dutch and Belgian nobility liked to rest here and hunt, considering their province of Luxembourg.Many would like to have this edge - painting a picture of sumptuous calendar.Do not be a Congress of Vienna, Luxembourg and would remain one of the Belgian provinces.

In the XIX century, about one third of the population of the Grand Duchy emigrated to America - especially primitive agriculture will not be alive.But when the French found iron ore, people began to return.There were not only proletarians but also the bankers.Because of a poor agricultural country Luxembourg has become a country with the highest income in Europe per capita.Truly, no wonder they say "small but precious."

"Maugham!"- Good afternoon, cottage or RV

Gasoline our - your ideas.So, to paraphrase a famous saying, lyuksemburgtsy welcome guests.Although their own ideas on how to spend your time, the owners enough.The fact that the price of petrol in Luxembourg are lower than in neighboring countries, and that's romp neighbors to visit the agricultural population, leaving their hard earned francs, guilders and brands, making shopping here and holidaying.

main tourist flow begins with Passover.Ride families staying in the campgrounds, a small hotel.At an affordable price of service is very high level.The situation in each individual hotel so that guests one would not exchange it for another.Many people come to the same place for many years from generation to generation.Marital relationship with customers, as courteous treatment - the basis of income.

Short distances allow us to study the country, traveling by car and using a "tourist card".Card worth $ 9 per person per day.For three days - $ 20.It allows you to use public transport (including inter-city buses and trains), as well as to visit all the museums and attractions at no extra cost.There are also family "turkarty".

By car, you can cross the entire country in 30 minutes - along.Across - for an hour.Two or three hours - and you get out of the car in Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam.All in two steps, and do not need a visa.

Pedestrians - a large part of humanity and the best

course, pedestrians authority recently badly shaken.However, not all so sad.Well, do not you will enter a car at the Eiffel Tower?Only on foot, with a map in hand and dry rations in the background and you walk through the gorges of the Ardennes - Luxembourg's low rocky mountains.Some sites even have a Russian name: Perekop, effeminate, because hiking trails do not know borders.Writhing, according to the terrain, they cross the border zone, and political bans them no authority.

What else can view Lyubksemburge:

- Castle Vianden.His visit all the royal guests from the Japanese Emperor to the Spanish monarch.

- City Echternach.The cozy town.

- Basilica, the Abbey with the relics of St. Villibrora.

- A collection of weapons from the Second World War in Dekirhe.

- Casino "2000".Not only fun, but also to baths.

Dozens of small rivers and lakes scattered across the country.There are equipped beaches and recreation areas, a rental of canoes and pedaloes.After receiving permission, and observing the necessary rules of fishing, you can go fishing and glorious: It is home to pike, salmon, trout.

Tell me what the motorist will be able to try out plenty of fine white wine?Yes, after fried Moselle fish?No!Decidedly, pedestrians, too, has its advantages.Even the glorious army of Luxembourg consists of one infantry.They are, however, a little, just 500 people.But men, be healthy!Tall, handsome, oblique seven feet at the shoulders.

very popular anecdote: - "The military parade in Luxembourg takes 5 minutes, the parade ended

- And that's all - journalists ask

- No, not all Four more are in the palace of the Grand Duke..?..."

In order to get into the army, you need to pass the exams.three years of service.Just have served in the military have the right to work by police, firefighters or postmen.

Generally, lyuksemburgtsy tall people like Adolphe bridge in the capital.Blame for this again, nature and good-quality food.The strongest man in the world (see the Guinness Book of Records) - Luxembourger.A good heredity Nassau ruling dynasty contributed to the fact that her offspring joined the many royal courts of Europe.By the way, the crown prince is very democratic and loves to walk with the kids around town.He told me once our former compatriot story for Russia just fantastic.He stood in line for tickets to a movie, and behind him the Crown Prince fell in with the kids.Then as luck would have ran out of tickets.Prince sighed disappointed and told the children: "Do not worry, my dear, come another time."

Perhaps you do not happen to meet any of the Grand Duke nor the Crown Prince.But visiting Luxembourg, you'll be able to tell their friends and family: "You are fond of reading books of chivalry Well, while I was there, honey-beer drinking ... and so on?".