Hiking in Russia

The most striking feature of Russia in the representation of foreigners is its size and length.Walking Tours - the best way to experience a great distance.Besides weekend trips are the best type of tourism in order to feel the country's specifics.Tour operators in turn offer a wide variety of walking tours in Russia in any area or season: hiking weekend in the Moscow region, trips to the Altai, hiking weekend St. Petersburg.They offer the forest and the mountains, summer and winter trips, one-day or extended tours of different difficulty levels.In addition, walking through the cities and villages of Russia for the better impact on health.The traditional type of tourism does not give such an effect.


Tourist hiking weekend in the south of Russia connected with the mountains and the sea.Hike to the south includes visits to different climatic conditions of the provinces, from subtropical to alpine meadows and even glaciers.This diversity is due to the fact that often the route passes through the

Caucasus Mountains.The most popular tour of these places is called "Route 30" ( "thirty").It begins with the mountain resort Khadzhokh and ends on the seafront in the village of Dagomys near Sochi.The tour includes visits to natural and archaeological sites.The route goes past the mountains, lakes and waterfalls, as well as traces of the existence of ancient people, such as dolmens.30 route includes a visit to the mountain refuge of ancient man.Accommodation in these tours are usually in hostels.


Altai Krai and Altai Republic offer their guests winter and summer hiking weekend, among them there are a pedestrian, including natural monuments and places of stops of ancient people (the Altai is one of the centers of ancient colonization, more than 100 billion.people in the world speak the language of the Altai group).The main difference is that the Altai Mountains are very old compared to the Caucasus, so they are lower and do not have the height difference, both in the Caucasus.In the summer, almost all stopping points are located in the forest.The flora and fauna of the Altai is different from the south of Russia.Nature monuments are concentrated mainly around Mount Belukha.On this mountain are linked legends about Belovode and Shambhala.In the center of legends is an idea of ​​creation of the world.

Russian North

Russian North is the region with taiga forests, vast lakes and swamps.With ethnographic and historical point of view the region is interesting for its folklore and the famous wooden architecture.Part of Karelia, which is supposed to be born epic Kalevalla located in Russia.In summer the sun does not set in the North, but an abundance of hiking impedes blood-sucking insects, and in the winter the only available means of transportation for tourists are skiing.Tours are offered on ski tour operators of the Arkhangelsk region.Accommodation is provided in small cottages with the furnace.To prove that this is really an extreme journey, it is worth mentioning that the toilets may be on the street.The first day of the tour includes visits to museums, such as the open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture Small Karelians.

Therefore, hiking is one of the most democratic and healthy types of tourism.In addition, there is no substitute wildlife.Everyone can choose a tour to the level of training and financial capabilities.