New Year at sea in warm countries

Today more and more people to "break" the traditional stereotypes, and instead of the cold climate of the country, the president's speech and the battle chimes, prefer sunny resorts to celebrate New Year.

Psychologists say that is a huge plus for a man and his world.After all, it is no secret that winter, cold and lack of sun give rise to depression.Therefore, to the New Year remembered and brought only joy, today we are going to warm countries of the world.

There are lots of wonderful places you can go to relax, but today we will talk about the most popular.

Camping New 2014 Egypt

To date, the most demanded the country - Egypt.Prices of visiting Egypt more democratic, so a trip to the country of the Pharaohs did not hit hard on your pocket.It should be noted that the Egyptians are celebrating the New Year in September, it is the time the Nile overflows its banks.However, they honor and respect the traditions of their visitors, and therefore to our New Year's Eve New Year's Egypt is full of enterta

inment programs, decorated Christmas trees.Festive atmosphere, you can feel full, even enjoying the rays of the hot sun.

New Year at Sea in Israel

Egypt If for some reason you are not attracted, then as an alternative to travel companies offer an option beach holiday in Israel.Here you will not only be able to visit the coast of the Red and Dead seas, soak up the mild rays of the sun, but also to feel full religious culture of this nation.A quarter of the people of Israel is fluent in Russian, so the sharp language barrier you will not have.Staying here before Christmas, you will certainly feel the beauty and serenity of the celebration of Christmas.Here this holiday attach great importance.

New Year at sea in the UAE

If you want to celebrate New 2014 colorful and extraordinary, the United Arab Emirates you are ideal.The friendly Arabs for its entertainment programs will give an unforgettable experience and a lot of emotions.But I want to draw attention to one more plus for the citizens of the former Soviet Union: here a great shopping!The fact is that in the winter season in the UAE starting tremendous sales, but it may not please the Russian women.Arabic cuisine will surprise gourmets and warm beaches make you forget about everything.

New Year in India

If you - a lover of the exotic, then better to spend the New Year holidays in India.This country is extremely interesting for its traditions, gastronomy and lifestyle.You can enjoy life, to arrange a beach holiday on the beach, or you can visit a lot of excursions: visit the Hindu temples, touch the mysteries of history, visit the oldest places on the planet, and perhaps awaken in his soul unseen to this feeling.

Rest in the new year in Turkey

Choosing a holiday in hot countries, it is impossible to ignore the Turkey.This country is kindly and bright hosts.There are several reasons that will make you make a choice in favor of Turkey.So, the first reason is that the trip to Turkey will cost you more cheaply.Prices for tickets to this country the most inexpensive.

lovers splash in the warm water will be provided with a swimming pool with heated sea water.Is this not happiness?In December, the Mediterranean Sea temperature is 15-20 degrees.Services of SPA-procedures at all hotels will allow you to relax and forget about the everyday life and routine.Also, in Turkey there are ski resorts, the prices of which are several times lower than in Europe.

«Olinklyuzivnye" hotels will do anything that you do not care about their days.Delicious food, procedures, a wide choice of excursions will make your New Year's harmonious and memorable.

most widespread New Year takes place in Ankara and Istanbul.Christmas trees, entertainment, concerts, midnight fireworks and even Santa Claus, or as it is called in Turkey - Noel- woman, will do everything to make you feel completely the New Year holiday, but only under the warm sun.

Here, perhaps, the most popular of the country, where you can celebrate the New Year exotic and fun.I would like to remind you that tickets to these resorts to travel agencies must be booked in advance, because the New Year hype can be so huge that the seats will not.