Medical tourism

increasing popularity is gaining a special kind of tourism, which includes not just ordinary holiday, but also the medical activities carried out abroad.It causes an increase in demand for this type of treatment to separate pricing of health conditions in several countries, as well as poorly developed technology.Often the difficulty is and bureaucratic side of the question, when a person has to wait for months to get an appointment with the necessary expert and before surgical intervention can pass and years.

Even in ancient times it was decided doing a great distance for a visit to the eminent doctor.And among the Russian nobility it was considered prestigious to correct health "on the waters."Today compatriots are increasingly choosing the United States, Asia or Europe for the diagnosis and treatment because our doctors often give it a very poor prognosis, while overseas luminaries of medicine offers many alternatives for combating diseases.This is especially true of rare diseases.

leaders Admission of patients with CIS countries favor of Israel and Germany, although the market every day more increasing and competition is already up, Switzerland, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Philippines and many other areas.This kind of tourism is divided into diagnostic, wellness and healing.Implemented by the traditional, and in some cases, and alternative medicine.

Tour operators engaged in this activity, must have all the founding documents and licenses.If the client wishes they owe them to demonstrate.The competence of such organizations includes the selection of the country and the best clinics, the translation of medical documents and correspondence with the institution as well as the list of services when traveling, ie, ticket reservations and hotel accommodation, transfers and ensuring the patient's personal guide or an interpreter.

The most common trouble, which are sent abroad - it is cancer and cardiovascular disease.Modern equipment and advanced foreign technology can deliver the most accurate diagnosis, and then choose an effective method of treatment, which is often proprietary local doctors.

be treated in their own country or go to another - personal choice of each individual.But, relying on medical tourism, as much as possible should take a responsible approach to the issue, should examine how the specifics of a clinic and to compare all the costs, assessing the potential outcome.