Hohe Tauern .Austria

Hohe Tauern crosses the province of Tyrol, Salzburg and Carinthia.Nearest major cities - Innsbruck to the west and to the north of Salzburg, both served by international airlines.About 65% of the territory of Austria covers the eastern Alps, sharply limiting the land available for agriculture and other human needs.Hohe Tauern - the name given to the highest part of the Austrian Alps framing the south valley of Zell am See.The region is generally divided into three mountain groups, ranging from west to east, respectively Venediger, Granteshpitse and Glockner.Venediger and Glockner, a group of high mountains with extensive icing, not connected to such a high ridge with weak Granteshpitse icing.Only the Ă–tztal Alps to the west in Austria have more extensive snow and ice cover.

highest peak Venediger group - Grossvenediger (3674 m), a majestic pyramidal peaks covered with ice and surrounded by snow.The first ascent to it had been committed in 1841 Ignaz von Kyursingerom with a group of 40 people (by today'

s standards very large group of the first ascent).However, it is not difficult route presents no difficulty for a person with experience of the passage of the glacier.

Granteshpitse Group, probably the least impressive of all, because even its highest peak Grosser Muntanits does not exceed 3232 m, and it is therefore less snow.Although there are laid exciting climbing routes and magnificent views of the surrounding countryside, the enormity of the neighboring groups Venediger and Glockner overshadows Granteshpitse.

Glockner Group - a true jewel in the crown of the Austrian Alps.Gorozdo smaller in area than the Venediger, it is, nevertheless, so diverse and so picturesque that at first glance gives the impression of overwhelming splendor.It seems that the Grossglockner, the main peak of the group in the 3797 m. High, exalted above the neighboring peaks.Sharp ridges running down from the top to the surrounding steep icy slopes, jagged cracks and ice falls.On the lower slopes of the winds like a frozen ditch glacier pasterze glacier length of 10 km.It is the largest glacier in the Eastern Alps.Graf von Salm first climbed this peak in 1800, and it still poses interesting challenges for climbers.

Without a doubt, the best way to see the mountains - a wander and climb on them, but in the Hohe Tauern laid excellent roads, giving the opportunity to see the amazing panorama less sporty people.On the south side of the ridge, the road from Lienz to Mittersill, just before the entrance to the tunnel felbertauernsky, offers a beautiful view of the Grossvenediger.From Mittersill, you can turn east and drive along the valley to Zell am See Bruck, and then turn on the Grossgloknerskuyu road which passes not far from the mountain itself, and crosses the ridge at Hohtora, and descend back to Lienz - turn the circle 182 km in length.From the highways depart small roads leading to the mountains, and branches off from Grossglok-Nerskaya River Highway just north of Heiligenblut road leads to the height of the Franz Josef glacier near Pasteur - perhaps the most beautiful place in the entire region.