Rafting and diving on the island of Hainan .China

Most of the rivers in Hainan has its origins in the mountains in the center of the island and spreading over his margins, sometimes almost merging with the sea water.The largest rivers - Nandutszyan in the north, the west and Chanhuatszyan Vantsyuanhe on vostoke.Doroga Vantsyuanhe the river passes through the rows of rice paddies and coconut trees, so that a trip to Vantsyuanhe can be called a tour of the main areas of agriculture of Hainan Island.The bed of the river cut through the mountains, entirely covered with dense vegetation.If you turn off the engine of the boat, you will hear the birds singing.Only occasionally found small villages.Local residents earn their living on small leaky boats.

Fishing is possible here only to local residents.Catch they not only eat themselves, but also sell to local restaurants where the food tourists.Foreigners, however, allow to sit with a fishing rod, but this is a special trip for special funds, as well as rafting on the river - rafting.4-hour rafting with lunch

will cost 350 yuan.

Before you sit down in an inflatable boat, tourist wearing lifejackets.A short briefing on safety measures takes at least 15 minutes, and the alloy - about two hours.The rapids on the first few kilometers of the route is not steep, so it is very easy to sail.It is necessary to take a photo and video cameras (they will pack in special waterproof bags).Here you can make shots, which would envy any editor of travel.The feeling that these places still untouched by human hands.Half an hour later the boat swims in the gorge, in 15-20 meters - waterfall (they meet at every step).

One of the waterfalls is called the Magic Valley.His height - about 15 meters.To get there is not very easy because of the very slippery rocks.On them and need to climb to the top of the mountain.Occasionally there are specially equipped for lifting ladders.After the rains, and the descent and ascent seems impossible, but there are always brave, willing, in order to, at all costs, to admire the beauty of this place.

In Hainan, there are more extreme entertainment.Excursion to Qixianling - Peak Seven Fairies - takes about three hours.There are no handrails and railings, the last kilometers have to literally climb over the rocks.So it is better to advance to wear comfortable shoes.After such physical exertion exhausted tourists as these athletes, carry on the recovery procedures.

right at the foot of the mountains, which from a distance look like a woman's face is a hot thermal spring.The water in it is called a "living".Optionally plunge into the source itself: in some hotels you can take a bath with water from the hot springs right in your own room.A nice feature - a mini-pool is located on the balcony, so you can combine business with pleasure - to luxuriate in the water and enjoy the nature.The only thing you have to understand is how to properly configure the jacuzzi, so as not to flood the neighbors - all instructions in Chinese.

This water treatment does not end there.The next destination is not far from the main resort of.Hainan.From Sanya to Pirates Island - 40 km.On the boat from coast to coast - 15 minutes.This small island area of ​​only half a kilometer - the perfect place for diving.However, submerged permitted only at presence of the certificate.But, in just one yuan you can feed the fish turtles.Locals say that the oldest of them 500 years old.the whole family lives in the pool, but judging by the way they fight for a fish fin, not friendly.

On the Island Pirates fine white sand along the shore lies the calm blue sea, its temperature - always a plus 25. They say there is no rain, well, typhoons - generally a rarity.Pirates on the island is long gone, but the spirit of adventure - remained.