Caving - a new kind of holiday in Turkey

For people who like a good rest, Turkey is a unique place.There is a very wide variety of entertainment.There are both water and air exercises.But recently gaining increasing popularity a new kind of vacation - it's caving.This type of recreation for those who are not accustomed to sit in one place.

essence of this lesson is that people make trips to the various caves.At the same time on their way can meet various obstacles that must be overcome.For this activity a traveler are sent to Turkey, because on its territory there are about forty thousand different caves.Taurus Mountain system is half of such places.

should be noted among these outstanding mysteries of the cave - and Pynargezu Chukurpynar.The first of them is unmatched in length, and the second depth.

But there are other famous caves such as DamlataĊŸ.It is one of the most beautiful caves in the world.It is located in the heart of Alanya, near the west coast.The cave impresses with its mysterious and enigmatic.It contains stalagmites and sta

lactites, which hit the elegance of its forms.The length of the cave is about thirty meters and a height of about fifteen.

But besides the beauty, the cave and also provides care to patients with asthma.It opened in 1948.This is due to high humidity.

Turkey is in eighth place for tourists who are engaged in caving.While open to view only fifty caves, but this is not the limit.In the near future travelers will be able to explore about two hundred caves.

For those who first decided to go caving, must remember one thing.It is not so much a vacation as a sport.And in turn, it is far from safe.Visiting the caves should follow safety rules, as well as try not to visit them alone.With a group will be much more reliable.

before sending a campaign, you want to carefully choose the outfit, and already before the actual yield to pay attention to the instructions.Available must be lights, compass, ropes, carabiners, and much more.If you're going to dive into the underground river, you should bring your scuba gear.Without it, the descent into the water can be life-threatening.

For those who are sick with asthma, stay in such places is not only pleasant but also useful.As already mentioned, some caves have healing properties, so you have every chance to improve their health.