Norway: Mecca of winter recreation

Why is Norway?In our opinion, this is due not only to the geographical conditions, judge for yourself:

- guaranteed natural snow from November to the end of April against the background of a beautiful and wildlife

- High standards of accommodation at affordable prices in hotels, apartments, detached cottages

- excellent infrastructure and ski resorts compactness provides excellent opportunities for family holidays

- Convenient transport connections (Airfare and transfers to the resort)

- Ability to combine holidays in the resorts with a visit to the famous Norwegian fjords.

expression "present Norwegian born with skis on their feet" almost true.Love for nature and winter sports in this nation in blood, and welcoming Norwegians are doing their best to make guests were able to appreciate the excellent conditions for skiing and recreation.Besides infrastructure resorts themselves, most of the Norwegian Centre for a ski holiday binds convenient bus connections and is a single ski-pass for all lift

s.And if you have decided for the first time to experience this pleasure, professional instructors ski school will teach you and your family skiing or snowboarding.

Norway is considered to be the birthplace of skiing.One of the attractions of the country is the Holmenkollen - the center of skiing and biathlon.It is located on the outskirts of Oslo, and is the highest point of the city (just over 400 m above sea level).Here is the famous ski jump 60 meters in length, the world's oldest ski museum, souvenir shops, biathlon track and about 450 kilometers of ski slopes.The museum, founded in 1923, shows four of the Millennium Development skis from Viking times to the present day.Biathlon Center is visited annually by more than a million tourists.And in the winter, and in summer from the observation platform Holmenkllena offers a great panoramic view.

Norway Ski resorts are not only not inferior to their European counterparts, and in some ways even superior.Hemsedal, for example, is one of Europe's best snowboarding parks.In winter, it gets dark early in Norway, but it is not a hindrance.Most of the country's ski slopes perfectly lit and open for recreation and exercise after sunset.

In Norway, a great number of ski and ski centers, which will give the opportunity to select the most fastidious skiers.Despite the fact that the cradle of skiing is considered to Morgedal, more popular today are Geilo, Trysil, Hafjell, Kvitfjell Hemsedal.

Hemsedal - a small resort village in the heart of Norway."Scandinavian Alps" will not leave anyone indifferent.On top of the mountain Totten (about 1500 m above sea level) rises the highest speed Scandinavian descent.The view from here offers stunning - space seemingly untouched by human hand nature, snow-covered hills, spruce, among which are hidden wooden cottages with optional fireplace.

Ski Resort Geilo , located between Oslo and Bergen takes tourists for more than 100 years.High mountains, dense forests, mountain plateau, ice-covered fjords and lakes surround this cozy town.The ski slopes are not far from the city.Mountains, vast snow-covered caps of fir trees, cozy cottages, standing in the forest, the famous Norwegian fjords - on the one hand and swirl of urban life on the other.

Ski Resort Trysil - the largest ski resort in Norway.Here is the biggest ski school in Northern Europe.An experienced instructor will help beginners to professionals give advice.And in the evenings are often arranged by the spectacular beauty of the hills with torches.Trysil is located in the biggest snow park in Norway - Parken.At the disposal of fans of extreme sports is all for complicated jumps and tricks, including two half-pipe.Every week, for everyone held an informal competition Jump & amp;Rail.The resort is ideal for families with children - even the smallest here can go skiing and take part in fun games and competitions under the supervision of instructors.

Want a change?From extreme speed ski slopes on the eastern slope to the more gentle and quiet on the western - welcome to the resort Kvitfjell, not far from the Olympic Lillehammer.

Ski Resort Hafjell - the most modern resort offers 28 ski runs, varying in degree of difficulty: 9 green, 9 blue, 6 red and 4 black.Throughout tracks do not intersect, but for the convenience of the visitors, they all meet at the bottom in one place.Hafjell is equipped with modern snow cannons, which, if necessary, provide a sufficient level of snow on the slopes.After sunset, all the tracks are illuminated with powerful spotlights.

But do not think that Norway - it's only ski sports.During the winter holiday you can go dog-sledding and reindeer, to dissect the vast plains on a snowmobile, hunt for king crab in Kirkenes, or experience the thrill of meeting a polar bear on Svalbard.Lovers of fishing, Norway offers excellent standard and ice fishing, and hunters thrill to do Arctic diving or spend the night in a hotel built of ice and snow.

Norway - is the unity of diversity.Here tourists will be a very special atmosphere of hospitality and warmth, and, therefore, the perfect vacation for the whole family!