Prison tourism: that life honey did not seem

sometimes afford to spend a few days only wealthy people can in prison.Among the modern extreme kinds of tourism - the prison - one of the most extreme and the most expensive.Hard bunks and a bowl of sour soup, which gets almost nothing ordinary prisoner, extreme tourists will cost as low-lux rooms and oysters La Fine de Claires # 2.High prices do not explain the high level of service, and the fact that such tours are unique - designed for a "tripper" or small prison gruppy.Sobstvenno travel tour includes "stints" in this, the current prison - close the camera, narrow "shkonka", disgusting food, bullying security guards and other "charms" of prison life.It is very expensive.For example, Khodorkovsky at a cost of several billion dollars.Demand is so low that to speak of widespread this type of holiday is not necessary.However, prison tourism-light uses all over the world a lot of love.

unforgettable experience to be honest.At first all seems very funny."According to the tundra, the wide road - it sounds

in my head.- From Odessa kichmana ran two Urkal locomotive ... Goodbye ... "Then reserve prison chanson comes to an end, to represent a hardened felon bored - it becomes boring.Begin to explore the chamber walls, covered with a rough coat of plaster, dust lattice window near the ceiling, steel, embedded in the wall bunks.It makes you want to nail something to scribble: "... here broke the heart of the prisoner."If carnations was, and it was used on anything.A few hours later you start to howl in anguish and despair.It seems that the walls are surrounded on all sides and is now crushed.It seems that there was nothing before and nothing will be gone.It seems that this is forever.Acute attack of claustrophobia.Although never previously confined space was not afraid.The clank of the lock, a creaking door and human laughter is seen as the abolition of the death penalty in the last minute.In short, a visit to the city detention center failed.Failed.Life is Beautiful.

is believed that the founder of the prison made Thailand tourism.Central Men's Prison Bang Kwang since the early 90's is always happy guests.Prison acting.In order to become a prisoner on a commercial basis, it is necessary to choose a cellmate - this prisoner.This, perhaps, is the essence of extreme sports as a tourist pays for only a few hours of communication.A couple of days did not get to spend there.However, these tours were so in demand that the authorities have opened to the public two correctional institutions - Klong Prem and Lard Yao.

Generally, in this business, Asian countries are ahead of the entire planet at the level of prices and availability of services.For example, Johor Bahru - Malaysia's former penal institution - will open for you the doors of a single camera for just $ 16 a day.For a very modest fee in one of the hotels in Sri Lanka (former medieval prison) can reproach striped clothes and see the sky in the box.In an effort to bring the most extreme sports to reality went beyond all of Vietnam.In Hong Kong, everyone will provide a real knife, ammunition, a gun (to choose from) and will hand over to the police.Your task - to prove the absence of criminal intent, or tour may be delayed for five years.There are also proposals for superekstremalov: surcharge you solemnly hand over a few grams of heroin - for drugs under local law the death penalty.

Hoping to popularize tourism prison, firms try to use the institution, "famous for" something in his past life.That is to speculate not only on romance prison life, but also in the history of the monument.Not without success, I must say.Among the most popular - Women's Prison Hohenek in Stolberg Saxony.During GDR times, it served as a permanent residence for dissidentok and dissent.Lean dinner and disturbed sleep will cost 122 dollars.It may be noted and Lithuanian about Karosta Liepaja.Beds in a former dungeon for political prisoners costs about $ 9.Cameras are rarely empty.

unwilling to delve deeply into the subject, there are prison-museum.An experienced guide will lead a tour of the seamy side of human society.The flow of those wishing to watch from afar, but "do not touch" inexhaustible worldwide.The famous Alcatraz in San Francisco is visited almost half a million tourists a year.Is a huge success still valid Sing Sing.World famous network of gulag camps received and widely Vladimir Central and Crosses.

Despite the commercial attractiveness - a low level of investment with a potentially high payback - prison tourism in Russia spread has not received and is not likely to get it.Prisons museums exist in Perm, Vorkuta, Nizhny Novgorod region, at Magadan, Kolyma ... But much income they bring.Then all went to Yaroslavl - local authorities offered a wide range of services.Zone in which 90 thousand rubles, anyone can spend a week on all the rights and conditions of the convict.Sightseeing tours for 950 p.Day in the detention center №1 at very moderate price list.But all of the eager thrill is not built.Povsemirno prison tourism entrepreneurs develop a commonplace for profit, we - the officials in order to improve real life prisoners.This fact alone speaks volumes.

Market Russian prison tourism is designed primarily to foreigners, which, however, are in no hurry to develop the vast expanses of the north in the hands of Kyle.Consider this too extreme.Even without seriously.Even with an early amnesty guarantees.Demand for such entertainment among our fellow citizens to zero.Russia holds the second largest number of prisoners (as a percentage, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs UK`04 report).Many people believe that rest on the bunk is not that exotic, for which it would be necessary to pay extra.