Tops that are hazardous

vistas that open, while in the mountains, as well as adrenaline attract climbers.True temptation sometimes takes precedence over common sense, and in this case, people are starting to take risks, just to get to the most recalcitrant vertices.

We offer you to get acquainted with the five most dangerous mountain in the world.

1. Iger

This peak is located in Switzerland.Its height is 3970 meters.Although his height is not so high compared with the other four peaks, he entered the top because of its northern side.At this point, the mountain goes down almost vertically.For a long time trying to "take" the mountain at this point it has not been done.Only in 1935 the first attempt was made, but its members were unable to reach the top, they were killed.The first successful ascent was made only in 1938.Peak resigned Hekmayeru A. and L. Fergu from Germany, as well as F. Kasparek and G.Harreru from Austria.

Inside the mountain there is the Jungfrau Railway.It leads to the top.Climbing higher and higher, yo

u can admire the beautiful views.

2. Kanchenjunga

This third highest peak in the world is located in Nepal, in India.It has a height of 8586 meters.In recent years, the number of accidents on it increased to 22%.In the mountains 5 peaks.They all have a height of more than 8 km.Nepalis say the greater danger is climbing on them for women.It is believed that Kangchenjunga - a woman who has a dream - to eclipse its beauty all around, so it does not tolerate competitors on their slopes.The first successful ascent of Kanchenjunga managed to George Band and Joe Brown of the United Kingdom.It happened in 1955.

3. Nanga Parbat

Mountain is located in Pakistan.Its height - 8126 m.It occupies the 9th place at the height of the world."Naked Mountain" was successfully conquered in 1953.Up to the highest point reached only one person.Snowy slopes of mountains abruptly cut off on all sides.Its famous wall - Rupal, going down by 4.6 km.It is the longest wall in the world.

4. Chogori / K2

This peak is the second highest in the world - 8611 meters.It is located on the territory of Pakistan and China.On all sides surrounded by mountain peaks are very high and difficult for the passage of glaciers.In addition, it is likely to get under an avalanche.Every 4th climber dies here, and before reaching the coveted points.

5. Annapurna

The top has a height of 8091 meters.It is situated in Nepal.On it turned out to climb only 130 climbers.The mortality rate here is 40%.The first climbed to the summit of Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal of France.They did it in 1950.