Conquer Laos cycling

Recently, a new original program travel across the expanses of Laos, during which tourists are offered to make a trip on mountain bikes.Local travel agencies specifically for visitors who want to get acquainted with the country and do not want to settle for the usual tourist routes with a set of standard excursions, developed a unique route with mountain bikes.

travel program lasts twelve days.During this cycling tour, tourists will be able to not only see distant places of this exotic country, but also enjoy the view of the pristine nature of northern Laos and the region to get acquainted with the customs and unique culture of the local population.

Usually the route starts from Luang Prabang at the tour, which lasts one day.It is the oldest city in the country and is its ancient capital, so that the city has to look at that.Then lovers of exotic and adventure tourism offer a trip along the Mekong River, which is one of the longest rivers on the territory of South-East Asia.

During this tour you will

get acquainted with the rich flora and fauna of the country.Then you will be asked to make an alloy of the river Y (Nama) and explore its beautiful surroundings.During the adventure mountain biking you will periodically visit different ancient Laotian town, and admire their sights.

This program does not need any special bike, and you can use any type of mountain bike.

Cycling mileage per day in this program is from 40 to 100 kilometers, so the program can overpower anyone who loves to ride a bike.This twelve-day tour of northern Laos will cost you about 3000 dollars per person.The value of a cycling tour includes accommodation (overnight stays in local hotels), meals, and rental of mountain bikes and all the necessary equipment for the trip.