What can be learned in a guided tour

travel abroad for language courses has long been no surprise: the Internet is full of promotional offers, and event costs very close to the price of the usual tourist tours.But it's nice, and to spend time abroad, you can not only learn a foreign language.For tourists it offers many ways to try a new business for them or make substantial progress in their favorite hobby.There are an infinite number of options to relax and learn something new.The main thing - to decide with their own interests.

What is there to eat to lose weight

second most popular destination, after learning a foreign language, are culinary tours.Examine the local culinary traditions can be almost anywhere in the world.In France, you will be acquainted with the peculiarities of the preparation of various sauces, Italian taught to make real pizza and pasta, Singapore talk about the features of traditional Asian cuisine for herbs and spices, and in Switzerland will show how to make chocolate desserts and handmade chocolates.There ar

e separate programs for the beautifully decorated dishes.Organization of such travel has been a lot of agencies and provided men like to do her lover, "culinary" gifts, and certainly pursuing its own benefit.

Faster, higher, stronger

Increasingly, people who are watching their health, prefer to go to the sea is not the purpose of drinking, eat and sunbathe, but in the hope that the exercise in the fresh air will give a greater effect than classesin the gym.For them, often at sports clubs, fitness organize special tours.Schedule of such events usually involves getting up early, exercises on the beach and 2-3 physical education class during the day.Even trips usually involve physical activity, whether it's a walk in the mountains or swim on board the boat.

Those who wish to get rich, not only physically, but also spiritually, go to yoga tours, where for two or three weeks, take over from the true masters of their tradition.They say that the homeland of yoga all the processes in the body flows in a different way and it is possible for two or three weeks to reach a much higher level of skill than doing yoga in Moscow, even with a very good instructor.

In the blue sea, white foam

People can not live without the sea, travel, not only lie on the beach and swim, but also with a well-defined desire to learn how to manage surfing, kite, yacht, finally.Surprisingly, the development of all these rather complex skills takes about 10 days, but in the latter case it is necessary to pass further preliminary theoretical training.

Brakes invented pants

Many proposals exist for lovers of drive and speed.At racetracks wishing happy to learn motorcycle, sports cars and even race cars.In winter, in 2-3 days, you can learn how to drive on the ice of a frozen lake in Finland, or on winter alpine track in Italy.Indifferent to the speed and beautiful cars Italians also offer numerous courses on driving "Ferrari" and "Lamborghini", which you can pass on the track in Monza, Adria, Vallenuge.If the civilian car will seem a little, and there is an exclusive opportunity to get drayverskogo management license to race cars.And, of course, to learn the wisdom of the best motorcycle in the countries where they can ride all year round.In the same Italy, there are many shades of these programs, depending on the initial level of skill.And you can learn at a very different motorcycles, although the majority of Russians prefer powerful sports options.

In life there is always a place of creativity

For those who like to improve the environment, certainly seem interesting numerous training options associated with the design.It offers everything from interior design and manufacture of various "stuff" to decorate the house to the landscape design courses and workshops on the creative approach to the repair of the apartment with his hands.Fans will be pleased to put on a course on competent selection of clothes, including trips to the best European boutiques, and monthly training program tailor's art in the Italian Arena de Verona.Slightly more rare workshops makeup and hairdressing, but if you wish, and you can find them.

For the keen photographer organized a special photo tours, when a small group of armed photographic equipment enthusiasts accompanied by a professional photographer, perfectly aware of this area and is able to make recommendations, not only for shooting mode and frame composition, but also to show the most interesting places in the city are obtained entertaining pictures.

And finally, in each country, be sure to find something for creative individuals.You can go to Spain for a training course or incendiary flamenco in Scotland to improve playing skills on the bagpipes.And almost everywhere in the world there are master classes, which are taught by national crafts: batik in Asia, coinage in Bulgaria or even the art of creating paintings of colored sand in Egypt.

other words, the travel can bring not only new experiences, photos for the family album and fridge magnets, but new knowledge and skills that come in handy in everyday life, or will start new hobbies.Travel with benefit and pleasure!