Mayan Ruins .Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza - one of the most important cities of the ancient Maya."Chichen Itza" can be translated as "a place at the well tribe Itza" or "mouth of the well sorcerers water", or "Mouth of wells itsev" ( "chi" in the Mayan language means "mouth", "someone" - "well", and"ICA" - the name of the tribe or the Mayan group, which, according to legend, first appeared on this earth).

El Castillo (El Castillo, which translated from Spanish means "castle"), which is also known as El Castillo (La Piramide de Kukulcan).Kukulcan in Mayan means "feathered serpent".El Castillo pyramid is 24 meters high, where the temple is located on the top floor.At the base of the pyramid is a square with sides of 55.5 m. The sides of the pyramid is clearly oriented to the cardinal points (north, west, south, east).The pyramid has 9 levels.By her side raised four broad stairs, each of which has 91 steps.The staircase, which goes along the north side of the pyramid, on the edges of the bottom ends snakehead, which are a symbol of K

ukulkan.On the day of the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, the sun moves, so that the shadow of it, moving the stairs, creates the illusion of a snake movement on the stairs of the pyramid.

This phenomenon, which lasts 3 hours and 22 minutes, reports the arrival of Spring and Autumn.One can only assume that it symbolized for Maya, though perhaps those who observed this phenomenon, it seemed that a ghostly Quetzalcoatl as if coming back to life.It subsequently emerged that El Castillo was built on top of the older pyramid.Inside the pyramid is entered through a hole in the floor of the temple.There were found the sculpture so-called Red Jaguar (eyes and spots on the jaguar skin made of jade and fangs - mother of pearl) and the original figure of the throne, called Chuck Moola (Chac Mool).

If the number of stair steps multiplied by the number of stairs and examine the platform at the top of the pyramid, on which stands the temple as one more step, we get 91x4 + 1 = 365 - number of days in the year.This coincidence has given scientists the foundation to make the conclusion that the basis of the calendar of the pyramid principle was, and indeed the pyramid may have had some astronomical significance.

Karakol (El Caracol).Translated from Spanish means "snail".This name was given because of an internal staircase upstairs having a spiral shape like a snail shell.It is believed that the tower was used Caracol Mayan astronomical observations, so often referred to as the construction of the Observatory.The roof and walls of the holes were made in such a way that allows astronomers to observe the movements of some of the celestial bodies, particularly Venus.The most distinctive feature of this building is its unusual similarity to modern astronomical observatories.

Temple of Warriors and the "Complex thousands of columns".The Temple of Warriors is based on a stepped pyramid with a base of 40 m by 40 m, which has four levels.Before the Temple of Warriors is a platform with four rows of columns.On most of these columns depict the Toltec warriors, actually, so Temple warriors are called.

Group 100 columns located on the south side of the Temple of Warriors and is formed by three colonnades, bordering on three sides by a fairly large area.The western colonnade, the beginning of which are pillars in front of the Temple of Warriors, stretches south for 125 m. And a width of 11 m. Another colonnade runs along the south side of the temple and also stretches nearly 125 m. This colonnade, which bears the name of the north, has 156 columns arranged10 in series.(Width of the colonnade - 20 m).Overall, the Group of thousands of columns dominated circular columns.Some scientists believed that originally had a thatched roof, and the market was located underneath on these columns.

Iglesia (La Iglecia).Translated from Spanish Iglesia means "church".The building is very close to the monastery, with its east side.This building, of course, has no relation to the church received its name only by analogy with the monastery.It has a distinctive pattern where different deity mask belonging to a rain god Chuck, or the creator god Itzamna.