Mexico City.Basilica of Our Lady de Guadalupe

Every year on December 11 in the Mexican capital Mexico City from all over the state gather two million pilgrims.They spend two days here in order to visit the shrine of Maria de Guadalupe.

According to Mexican legend, the Virgin of Guadalupe was simple Indian in 1531 on a hill Tepiak.It was exactly 10 years later, after the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan fell to the forces of Cortes.When the Indian Juan Diego spoke about the vision of the priests, they immediately made fun of him, considering that the mother of Jesus can not come to some Indian there.The Spaniards believed that the Indians had no soul and they can kill without fear for their condition.Then Juan Diego returned to the hill to ask for help from the Virgin Mary.She told him in Nahuatl, the language of the Indians, so that he tore the nearest bush roses and hid them under his cape.Juan Diego did.When he came home and opened the cloak, it manifested itself in the wonderful image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, surrounded by a radiant corona.Juan

Diego took the cloak to Archbishop of Mexico, and then a marvelous miracle was recognized.Along with the recognition of the miracle of the Spaniards recognized the existence of the soul and the Indians.And in the place of the appearance of the Virgin, it was decided to build a cathedral.

Today is the greatest basilica in Mexico is visited daily by thousands of the faithful who come to look at stored under glass mantle with miraculous Virgin Mary.Some come here for hundreds of miles on foot, and the last leg of the journey are on their knees, saying a prayer.

Among Mexicans have a strong belief that you can ask all of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, anything, and it helps.But if your desire is fulfilled, then every year on the day of the execution of this desire, a person must make a pilgrimage to the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe Marie and thank her.And at the same time passing with a prayer on his knees last 100 meters should not be distracted.Therefore, usually found around the family, which disperse the onlookers, as if praying distracted, then take it again.And it is not easy: at times, the end of the path knees erased blood.

vision place Juan Diego coincides with the holy hill associated with the cult of the Aztec goddess - Tonantsin mother.In Mexico, there are many local images of the Blessed Virgin: Our Lady of Los Remedios, Our Lady Candelaria of San Juan de los Lagos, Zapopanskaya Virgo.But the Virgin of Guadalupe has a special place, as it unites the Indians and Spaniards, mestizos and Indians, Spaniards and mestizos in the company of the one faith.Maria de Guadalupe travels, going into the heart of everyone who is in need of its protection as needed him poor Indian Juan Diego back in 1531

chemist subjected Mexican shrine thorough research.and failed nature displays an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the mantle as the Indian set.

Interesting fact: next to the Basilica of the Virgin c Gvadelupckoy a monument to the previous Pope - John Paul II, who visited Mekciku c official visit.Grateful and pious people of Mexico gathered brass keys, and of which made this monument.