Indonesia.The island of Java .The temple complex of Prambanan

Prambanan Temple - the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia, located between the two cities - Yogya and Solo.Prambanan Temple is he a proud majestic stone building long darkened by time.Prambanan Temple is part of it.One of them - Loro Dzhongrang ( "slender maiden"), the Hindu complex, numbering three huge temple.They are dedicated to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.Before Loro Dzhongrang Prambanan temples are located a smaller size.They are designed for sacred animals, which moved the gods.According to Hinduism, the major deities have always had their own servants-carriers - deities of lower rank.The carrier has even Ganesha - cute chubby deity with elephant head.He is a mouse.Auxiliary complex Prambanan temples were divided between Garuda - the magic eagle (the carrier of Lord Vishnu), the bull Nandi (the vehicle of Shiva) and Swan (Brahma carrier).At the same time, around Prambanan temples are more and less.And many tiny sacred buildings occupied the entire field in front of the temple complex of Pramb

anan.Unfortunately, most of them survived after the earthquake, leaving only a pile of stones.

main temples of Prambanan also suffered damage.Because their structure bonding stones solution temples of Prambanan suffered greatly from the island of Java in seismic activity was not generally used.Yet, despite its proud majesty, facilities are quite fragile.A rampaging here from time to time, natural disasters not give mercy to anyone.

Prambanan Temple retained to this day of great beauty reliefs and murals.However, the reconstruction of the temple complex of Prambanan are moving so slowly that some parts of the temple and are similar to the ruins.Inside the temple complex of Prambanan also denied passage.Therefore, it is difficult to see the famous bas-reliefs depicting scenes from the "Ramayana".And statues of gods and goddesses Durga, gave the name to the whole temple complex and does not see possible.

Prambanan temple name carries a sad story.Once the princess Loro Dzhongrang (translated as "Slender Virgin", that is not the name of the princess, and a great compliment her figure) refused to marry the prince, which is not liked.Then she came up to him, such a condition, which, as it seemed, he could not perform.Princess Prince promised to marry him if he for one night build the house, decorated with thousands of articles.But the Prince was not taken aback.And seen was so confident in his love for the princess and the desire to get married, that took advantage of the help of supernatural forces.Loro Dzhongrang night in terror and awe seeing almost already erected the temple of Prambanan, a huge fire spread, who covered his flames all around so that it looked as if the sun suddenly rose in the midst of the darkness of night.But they could not do anything more than the princess - Prince, when he saw a fire, guessed it deceitfully.And he was so angry that very princess turned into one of the statues constructed the temple, calling her Durga.Although, as only states that one of the folk legends.But there are also other myths.In a canonical one goddess Durga was the wife of Shiva - the evil and merciless demons subsistence Parvati.But cases where one and the same God is involved in various myths and folk legends are not rare, and is found not only in Indonesian mythology, but also in Europe.

Building Prambanan temple began in 8-9 centuries.Now, looking at the still magnificent even in its ruin temple complex, yet understand that his time is gone, his life far behind.He is either forgotten, and there is more of a cult, or his followers are long gone from the area ... A majestic Chandi passed through the centuries and still stands in the middle of the field at the same place, so lonely, forgotten and empty ...

Now heas well as many temples located not far away, is included in the UNESCO heritage list.However, despite this almost is not protected.As a consequence, many Buddha statues there heads - they are simply stolen.The last of the strong earthquakes that were here (2006) is significantly destroyed buildings Prambanan Temple and restoration work carried out so far and very slowly.