King poetry Igor Northerner

How would you react to the person who has publicly declared himself a genius?How to Zaznayka and braggart?

«I, the genius Igor Northerner,
His victory intoxicated:
I povsegradno oekranen,
I povseserdno approved!
from Bayezid to Port Arthur
Trait resistant spent.
I won the literature!
Vzorlil, clattering, to the throne! »

Igor Northerner (real name Lotarev Igor Vasilyevich (1887-1941) was born in St. Petersburg in the family of an officer, and on the maternal side was a descendant of Karamzin and a distant relative of feta. He graduated from a technical schoolin Cherepovets, composing poems since childhood, the first poem of the Russian-Japanese war appeared in print in 1905 in the journal "for the soldiers and lower ranks" "Leisure and business».

Youth experiments did not attract the attention of readers and critics,and therefore it was necessary to publish more than thirty different booklets, brochures at their own expense, sending them to a review in the edition of magazines and eminent pe

rsons ( "Zarnitsy thought" 1908 "Intuitive paint" 1908, "Princess Necklace" 1910 "Electric poems".. 1910, etc.)

Thank Severianin began in September 1909 One journalist had read Leo Tolstoy erotic triolet 22-year-old poet:.
«Plunge corkscrew in the elasticity of cork,
and the eyes of women will not be timid!»

Rage CountIt was boundless, as the newspaper did not hesitate to tell.Since then and up to the present time it has become de rigueur to criticize criticize Igor Northerner .And readers knew and know that once abused, then it is necessary to read.Less than six months after the verse, excited by Leo Tolstoy and moved all over the country as a new masterpiece:

«It was near the sea, where the delicate foam,
Where is rare urban crew ...
Queen played in the tower Chopin castle,
And listening to Chopin, I loved her page ... »

Igor was a tall, long face, a special sign - a huge, heavy, black eyebrows.This is the first thing that stopped the attention and remained in the memory.Igor Northerner - eyebrows.His voice was loud, read poetry intoned.

«Call me,
I will read to you yourself,
I will read to you yourself,
As no one reads!»

Northerner matches gallant France with a new, as it turned out, ephemeral Russia.Such mirages of freedom and happiness, as a rule, appeared in the early centuries and ended the Time of Troubles.Twentieth Century swam as "Titanic" and soon crashed on an iceberg of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Soon all this sophistication will perish in the flames of wars and revolutions.Beauty can not save the world.But as soon as the world is saved, he immediately thinks of beauty."I will make the tragedy of life in grezofars" - promised the Northerner to his readers.This promise he fulfilled.He invented a lot of new words.It did not catch none.Is it a mysterious, alluring 'grezofars ".

mediumship hypnosis Igor Northerner lasted only from 1909 to the beginning of 1918.Although the poet lived in exile until 1941, his poetry Silver Age fits in these 9 years.The peak of glory - February 27, 1918.In the election of the king of poets in Moscow in the Polytechnic, the first place was the Northerner.The second was Mayakovsky.

Many consider this episode a misunderstanding and a paradox.As with the living block Selected Severianin king?But Lawless Heart.Damage done to the Bolsheviks poetic Moscow swore not heralds a revolutionary, and his "gentle" and "refined" Pagliacci.

Yet no one better than he felt a new rapid rhythm."Pineapples in champagne, pineapples in champagne!
from Moscow - in Nagasaki!! From New York - to Mars "Mayakovsky is clearly competing with him, when he writes: -" Eat pineapples, chew grouse, the day is your last comes, bourgeois "Somehow pineapples in champagne all irritated and soon disappeared along with the bourgeoisie, but... it in life

The poetry is still fresh and sharp smell of the sea long ago eaten Akhmatova oysters, and next to them - severyaninskie pineapples in champagne from Moscow in Nagasaki has long been flying from New York to Mars is about to fly...

He first said about himself: "I povsegradno oekranen I povseserdno approved!" and it was true Northerner - as an early cinema with Count and Countess in boudoirs He is a singer of "Titanic", has not yet stumbled on an iceberg

...Everybody remembered his funny patriotic poem in which he says that in the case of military failures:

«that I, your gentle, your only,
himself will lead you to Berlin»

But being called, turned to military affairs.inappropriate, and very strange reason - he could not distinguish right foot from the left.The upshot was that he was sent to the infirmary.

In early 1918, together with her sick mother Igor Northerner leaves the hungry of Petrograd in the Estonian village of Toila, and in February 1920, Estonia declares itself an independent republic.The poet was on the other side of the Russian border.For many years, it leaves no homesickness.And it is difficult to convey the despair, through all over the appearance of the poet when he reads poetry concerts of Russia.

I saw a lot of countries and it is not worse
whole earth is my dearly loved.
But Russia compare?
With her - my heart.
And she for me is incomparable.

In 1921 in Toila Northerner married to the daughter of the local carpenter Felice Kroot - stately, gray-eyed girl.Good, well-read, she wrote poetry and the poet helped with translations to Estonian.

Marriage finally connects with Severianin Toila.The poet loved the surrounding sun-drenched meadows, tall pines, the beach, with beautiful views of the sea.A true fisherman, he spent hours fished on the river or on the lakes.

With Felissoy they lived together for 15 years.He dedicated his best love poems.

You do not like the other women:
You have to measure long dresses,
You expressive, restrained verse
and slipping from the arms
You're not handsome face, thickens hair and eyebrows
strizhesh not to sacrifice fashion.

In 1935, the Northerner part with Felissoy Kroot and leaves Toila.He has a new life partner - Vera B. Korendo young grammar school teacher.

But then, realizing what a mistake he had made, the poet is trying to return to his wife, wrote to her: "Fatal miss you ... I do not despise Felissoy: all in your hands - and my work, and my peace and my serenejoy".However, Felissoy not forgiven him.

During emigration Northerner released 17 books, but readers became smaller print runs of books were scanty, and even they did not disperse.The last years of the poet spent in poverty and obscurity.

He once came to Paris.He arranged an evening."I have a blue boat, my poet's wife."He was starving.Entire days fished with his blue boat and began to lose sight of the sparkling water ripples.At its evening I read poems simple and sad.The latter ends with the words:

«So what is to be a poet
On your cruel earth ...»

For the poet came the hard times.He has suffered outside the homeland.The letters of the time Northerner constantly complains about the lack of money, debts, to solitude.

therefore health is deteriorating.He died December 20, 1941 in German-occupied Tallinn, in poverty and obscurity, far from their homeland.He only went 55-th year.

flirty and affectionate Ego-Futurists, singer courtesans (today we would say "prostitutes"), he was, as buildings in the Art Nouveau style, a miracle is still preserved in Moscow.Gothic tower, a knight with a sword, exquisite stained glass windows, mirrored elevators ...

His poetry is very similar to the gallant erotic painting Somov and Benois, but with obvious attributes of the new century.The pages and awnings, queens and kings will soon disappear in the eddies and whirlpools.Remain verses Severianin as fragments of Atlantis.

I was put in a coffin Porcelain
snowflakes on fabric Yablonovy,
and buried (..kak Suvorov ..)
Me newest of the new.
not going to take the poet's horse
Century will motor to the hearse.On
coffin bouquets you put:
mimosa, lily, violet.Under
spark orchestral music,
Under sigh pampered raspberries,
She whom I welcomed,
Protrelit Polonaise Filin.
all be fun and sunny,
Will light face of Mercy, Radiant
And, oreolochno
will warm all my immortality!

Russia was right by his king of poets.Mayakovsky - stands, block - a prophet, and the Northerner - just king.Reading his poems, people, a little while, just something to nine years, we felt no subjects, and kings.