Glenn Miller interrupted serenade

Above all jazz personalities and the degree of talent, and in terms of heritage tower two geniuses who have lived their lives fully tempered.This Louis (Lewis) Armstrong and Edward "Duke" Ellington.

But the lives of many other musicians, for various reasons, broke at the time of his youth, or artistic maturity.Like some rock suddenly broke off their game on a high note ... Jazz pantheon continually replenished with new names of young talents.

25-year-old died in a car magnificent trumpeter 1950 Clifford Brown.In the 28 years he died cornet "Bix" Beyderbek;33, was accidentally shot dead a leading trumpeter 1960 Lee Morgan.

legendary alto saxophonist Charlie Parker, unable to recover from the moral shock after the death of his young daughter, died 34 years old.

pianist Fats Waller and singer Bessie Smith left this world in 39 years;saxophonists Lester Young - 39 years, John Coltrane - 40 ...

But there are celebrities among this cohort of people who left mysteriously, at the peak of popularity and su

ccess;man, all the glory of which continued during the lifetime of just a few years, but after his mysterious disappearance does not tarnish the past six decades.He, too, was forty ... We are talking about Alton Glenn Miller.

He was born in a poor family in the small town of Iowa Clorinda.Like many wealthy Americans too, Miller family wandered around the country.When she was in Colorado, Glenn came first popularity in his life.He was found the best right winger in all state school football team!

But what about the music?She also came very early.The little boy so "ill" with jazz, that in thirteen years buys trombone and creates with his friends his first band.But Glenn is still no firm intention to become a professional musician.He enters the University of Colorado.

However, in 1924, Glenn Miller, the student gets acquainted with the jazz musician Tom Watkins, who invites him to his orchestra in Los Angeles.There are friendships the young men with a rising star of jazz, Benny Goodman.And Glenn's musical career momentum begin to unwind.

In 1926-1927 Miller played in the orchestra of Ben Pollock, then - Paul Ash, Red Nichols in the spring of 1934 ... Glenn becomes trombonist and arranger in the band of brothers Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey.

Then just started a new era of jazz - it's time to swing.Duke Ellington recorded a disc with the song "Without swing there is nothing."This music was significantly different from the initial, New Orleans jazz.In the rhythm of the swing big bands sounded like one repeatedly amplified instrument ...

We must remember that in the early 1930s, America was going through a great economic crisis.It left its mark on art.Here's how Scott Fitzgerald described the state of mind of Dick Diver, the hero of his novel "Tender Is the Night": "He, in his spiritual emptiness and fatigue, wanted to worshipers prayed for him too - but what he did not know, except thatnot to sink it every day growing anguish. "

The way sound reflections Frederick Henry of "A Farewell to Arms" Hemingway: "The world breaks everyone, and many then become only stronger on a break, but those who do not want to break it, it kills, it kills the kindest and most gentle,.and the bravest indiscriminately. But if you are neither one nor the other, nor the third, you can be sure that you will be killed, but not in a hurry. "

Desperate, lost faith people searched for oblivion in music, in dance.These masters of jazz have responded to this need.Called the King of Swing, Benny Goodman, in 1934 he organized his first orchestra, attracted to it the best musicians;arrangements writes brilliant Negro Master Fletcher Henderson.The overwhelming success everywhere accompanied by the orchestra, and broadcast on the radio secured him the title of "Big Band of America's number one."

But time passed, and the most skilled musicians gradually left the Goodman band, creating new teams.Youth paved her way to stardom.

In the mid-1930s, few people knew Miller.Year 1939 began its takeoff minutes, when finally, Glenn was able to collect your "star" orchestra.

performance of his tune "In the Mood" began airing all radios America.The dizzying success was written by Miller's "Moonlight Serenade" ...

While skeptics argue that Glenn - not as an outstanding composer as Ellington, not a virtuoso performer, like Goodman, but still the beginning of the 1940s Miller OrchestraHe became the favorite in America.He gave three concerts a day, recorded 50 discs played daily on the radio.

The Second World War, initially little affected a US.Spring of 1941, the film studio, "Twentieth Century Fox" Miller offers to write music for the usual comedy film.

Subject scheme jazz pianist decides to adopt a child refugee from Europe.But the train at the station platform (though in the film were the ship and mooring) leaves no baby, and a beautiful girl.

Of course, the reader immediately recognized the story of one of the best musicals of all time, "Sun Valley Serenade"!It is on this tape we can always remember and sing the tunes of Glenn Miller and the same lyrical "Moonlight Serenade", and unrivaled, full of fun energy, "Chattanooga Choo Choo" ... Glenn played in the movie itself - the head of the orchestra, only undername Phil Cory.

But in the life of our hero begins a steep, for many an unexpected twist.In 1942, America enters World War II.Glenn Miller went as a volunteer in the Air Force.He was awarded the title of captain.However, Miller is a musician and orchestra leader.

Glenn persuades many jazz stars to follow his example, and soon made a giant band travels across America, circling army units, entertaining soldiers, inspiring them with confidence in victory and in a better future.It began feverish time for Miller and his boys: concerts, shootings in musical films, concerts again ... Best Music Miller has written in these years.

1944. Then comes the Americans landed in Normandy;open a second front.Glenn Miller - already major - decides to go to where is hot.It feels like it needs a powerful optimism music warring compatriots.Glenn did not want to let go;but deceiving the authorities, together with his orchestra at the end of the year he is in Europe.

... England, December.Miller Orchestra is planning a six-week tour of Paris;there is a large radio concert to be held with the participation of European and American jazz stars.Glenn decides to go to Paris just before his musicians;I want to better prepare for the arrival of friends.

chance meeting with the pilot in the evening in the officers' club - and lo, the head of the orchestra provide space on board a small single-seater "Norsement" that morning, December 15 departs from the military airfield near London and heads for Paris via the Channel.The plane climbs, dives into the haze and with Major Glenn Miller disappears forever.

What happened?As it was in reality?The mystery of the disappearance of a famous musician for decades did not find clues, gathering more and more new versions.It was only in 2001 managed delved down the truth ... But first things first.

Eight days after the event, namely December 24, 1944, the military authorities reported that Glenn Miller was missing.The authors suggested the official version that the plane crashed into the English Channel due to engine failure or icing of planes.

Soon America rumors.Who said that the plane was shot down by German fighters and the crippled musician hiding in some hospital.Who wrote that Miller was killed in a drunken brawl in a Paris brothel.

was even a version of the pilot of the aircraft, committed suicide, drowned along with a no innocent passengers.And some ill-wisher even whispered that Major Miller is alive, but was arrested on suspicion of spying ...

Forty years after the disappearance of the musician makes a sensational statement younger brother Glenn, Herb Miller.According to him, the musician flew to Paris, but Glenn became ill on the way.He was taken to hospital, where he died the next day from lung cancer.

A hearing about the plane crash ... he let Coat - for the sake of the reputation of his brother, who wanted to keep de "prosaic" deadly disease and make people believe in his heroic death ...

Emblem also claimed that the search and investigationit was not carried out, since no wreck was not.The weather was good;in the south of England, the air temperature was plus five, so that the aircraft could not ice the plane.

God knows why invented the whole story Miller Jr. ...