A trip to the Trinity-Sergius Lavra

Trinity-Sergius Lavra is located in the center of Sergiev Posad.The renowned monastery of the Holy Trinity St. Sergius of Radonezh was founded in 1340-ies, modern historians call a more precise date -. 1345

And the beginning she put her modest cottage in which lived Bartholomew, after the death of parents.He became a monk, with naming the name of Sergius, a hieromonk Mitrofan.Sergei worked day and night to slay his flesh vigil, fasting and works of the manifold.The glory of it began to spread around, and from the surrounding towns flocked to the hut people to save.Serge also built a small wooden Trinity Church.Later on gifts Archimandrite Simon from Smolensk was erected a large stone, and the monastery expanded - so tells us about the origin of the monastery St Dmitri of Rostov in the "Book of Lives of the Saints."For centuries, the Trinity-Sergius Lavra is one of the most revered shrines of the all-Russian, the largest center of education and culture.Here, the correspondence of books focused, icon pa

inting and crafts business, was conducted chronicles.Within the walls of the monastery was active congregation of devotees of the Russian Orthodox Church, and among them the Venerable.Nikon of Radonezh, Maxim the Greek spiritual writers st.Epiphanius the Wise and Pachomius Logofet, painters Andrei Rublev and Daniil Black, architects IFMichurin and DVUkhtomsky, master carver Ambrose.

If suddenly turn away for a moment from the bustle that prevails here, even on weekdays, from nervously scurrying tourists and pilgrims, it is possible to imagine for solitary prayer in the dim light of candles st.Sawa Storozhevsky (founder revered monastery near Zvenigorod), the former for six years abbot of the Trinity or the abbot Nikon, instructing Andrei Rublev (already ubelёnnogo haired old man) "image napisati Most Holy Trinity in praise of his father, St. Sergius"

Ivan the Terrible surrounded by henchmen,who had come on a pilgrimage to the relics of the Monk, to atone for their bloody deeds ... Just how many pages of Russian history will fly in front of you ...

existing architectural ensemble of the monastery, received in 1744 the status of Lavra - great, he formed during XV-XIX centuries.His monuments representing different eras and styles of Russian art, are the characteristic features of his time.