Teotihuacan .In the town the Toltec Mexico

first mentions of this city appeared in the 5th century BCIn the 7th century BCTeotihuacan residents leave, and now remains a mystery, for what reasons the population of Teotihuacan left the country, which has good preconditions for further development.Teotihuacan was the political, economic and religious center and the largest city in Mesoamerica, an area of ​​21 km².In it lived a little more than 125 thousand inhabitants - Toltec.

City of Teotihuacan known for monumental buildings, religious buildings, wide streets.The city had a rectangular-mesh architecture: streets were perpendicular and parallel to each other.There were whole blocks of craftsmen who produced pottery orange, which was exported.

main street of the city was considered the "Road of the Dead," the breadth of 40 meters and a length of 2.5 km (stretching from the Square of the Moon to the north).As it was seen off at the last path selected for the sacrifice of boys and girls.Along the road are arranged tribune for priests and ordinary

spectators, a platform for participants of the ceremony, sacrificial baths, as well as the altars on which the knives of black volcanic glass-obsidana pulled victims fluttering heart.

Especially popular in the city are two of the pyramid: the moon and the sun.

Pyramid of the Moon (height 46 m, width 150 m), consists of a "nested" into each other pyramids, located in the north of Teotihuacan.

This is the first monument in the Square of the Moon, he is faced with hewn volcanic rocks.In 1998 on the territory of Teotihuacan unknown materials were found to have high strength and meet modern quality standards, which were used in the construction of the pyramid.

are currently under study and analysis of this mysterious building material.It was found that none of the existing materials used in modern builders, has such a high strength.

Pyramid of the Sun - «Pearl" Teotihuacan -postroena so that its input is directed to the sun.The height of the sun pyramid 65 meters, it is built in the form of a square made up of four platforms with a total of 242 steps.During the construction of the pyramids it was spent about 770 thousand cubic meters of construction material (earth and stones).

The city center complex for public meetings, situated on a square platform 40 by 40 meters, called today Citadel .On this platform rises the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl (the Feathered Serpent Temple - one of the main deities of the Maya tribe).