Cannes Film Festival - 2012 : Brad Pitt robs Journalists

in Cannes hosted one of the most long-awaited premiere of the competition program - was shown the film "Casino Robbery" Australian director Andrew Dominik Brad Pitt in the lead role.

On the day of the premiere took place several notable events.Firstly, Pitt at the press conference, denied rumors that he and Angelina Jolie will get married in the near future.Asked when the wedding ceremony, he said that it is not yet known.

"We have not set a date, really It's all just rumors and we still hope that our wedding will take place when all will have equal marriage rights..", - Said the actor.Not all states of the country to allow the registration of marriages of gays and lesbians.However, US President Barack Obama recently spoke with such an initiative.

This news was a big disappointment for the secular chroniclers - they are already anticipating how will describe luxury wedding the most beautiful couple in Hollywood.However, an even bigger kick from Brad (one might say, from the waist down) waiting for th

em later.

company-distributor of the film "Casino Robbery" in which Pitt played a major role, demanded that the journalists more than 2 thousand euros for the 20-minute interview with the Hollywood star -. 125 euros per minute.

first reported on this newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur: "For the first time at the Cannes Film Festival, journalists have to empty their pockets in order to ask the star couple of questions."The same company requested for an interview with Nicole Kidman, and communication with Christen Stewart was estimated at 780 euros.He played a major role in the competitive film "The Road" by Walter Sellesa and Kidman arrives with ribbon-competition "Newsboy".

practice in which producers or distributors are asking for a fee for an interview recently gained popularity, but at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this did not happen.

Another disappointment was waiting for photographers on the red carpet before the premiere of the film "Casino Robbery" - Brad Pitt appeared without Angelina Jolie.

However, soon gave way to despondency enthusiasm: there was a beautiful Russian model Irina Shayk to the Palais des Festivals, which is sent to all photographers kisses.It is noteworthy that she chose a dress a la Jolie - a very high slit.But if last year's outfit Angelina and her clumsy efforts to demonstrate the leg caused a barrage of ridicule, the spectacular scarlet dress Irina, her grace and sexuality literally mesmerized the guests of the festival.

At the premiere of "Casino Robbery" Irina came hand in hand with Europe's richest businessman Fawaz Gruosi - the head of the jewelry brand Grisogono.Fawaz Russian woman chosen as the new muse of the company, and on the hand model wearing the bracelet with diamonds in the shape of a flower, and in the ears shining diamond earrings.

Meanwhile, presented at Cannes film Andrew Dominik on government critics money has already been called "the dismantling of the American dream" because of its social motive and explicit ideological sound, which is reflected current events of today like the financial crisis.Their comments reinforced by the concluding words of the protagonist: "The United States - the country is not It's a business.".